Brooke Holm’s ‘Salt and Sky’

Photographer Brooke Holm first came to our attention when we featured one of her stunning artworks in a Melbourne home designed by Little Liberty Interiors. Brooke’s upcoming exhibition titled Salt and Sky, showcases her amazing landscape photography of salt fields in Western Australia.

Words: Loni Parker

...shot from above, create graphic compositions with painterly textures in delicious pastel ice-cream hues.

This exciting new body of work by Brooke Holm is truly breathtaking. It’s hard to believe that these are actual aerial photographs of the Western Australian landscape. These salt ponds and harvested fields shot from above, create graphic compositions with painterly textures in delicious pastel ice-cream hues.

“At a distance they can be enjoyed as pure studies in colour and composition but on closer inspection the smooth, creamy and powdery textures of the works are palpable as is the sensation of a breeze as it whips up the surface of the ponds,” says exhibition curator and Modern Times director Amy Malin.

Salt And Sky will be Brooke’s last show in Australia for quite some time as she is set to head off for New York mid-show where her star will no doubt continue to rise. Join Brooke in person at the exhibition opening night on Thursday 23 June from 6-8pm for a celebratory drink and a gander at these delightful artworks in the flesh at The Modern Times
When: 23 June - 7 July 2016
Where: The Modern Times, 311 Smith St, Fitzroy, Melbourne

Fenton & Fenton talk Winter Colours

Haymes paint colour: Lights Off

As the days turn cooler, it’s time to introduce rich warm colours and lots of layers and textures into your home. And Fenton & Fenton’s Fall Collection is the perfect way to celebrate the change of season.

Photography: Armelle Habib  /  Styling (unless otherwise specified): Lucy Fenton  /  Words: Jacqui Greig
Photography (last two photos): Jai Vasicek

Styling by Heather Nette King

Styling by Heather Nette King

For Lucy Fenton, the Fenton & Fenton Fall Collection is a chance to show how Winter can be embraced within the home; “I want to remind people that it means more time spent inside enjoying our homes. Winter is all about cuddling up on a comfortable sofa with a chunky blanket and a glass of red. We want people to embrace that and appreciate the intimacy our homes provide.”

As well as welcoming design elements such as leather furniture, silk carpets, chunky throws and lots of cushions, the Fenton & Fenton Fall Collection focuses on a rich colour palette, courtesy of Haymes Paint. The hero colour of the Fall shoot is ‘Light Off’ by Haymes, which is a rich navy blue. “It may well be my favourite colour to date,” says Lucy. “It is really dark and moody but still so inviting and cosy. We paired the navy with a lot of our tan leather pieces, textured grey linens and silks as well as bright colourful artwork which really pops against the dark walls.”

Styling by Heather Nette King

Styling by Heather Nette King

Haymes paint colour: Aleaha Rose

“The lovely soft pale pinks and bright pinks make the room inviting.”

Contrasting beautifully with this is ‘Aleaha Rose’, a beautiful dusky pink colour. “It’s so pretty and inviting and makes you feel happy even on the dreariest of days.” Teamed with natural leathers and a colour palette of greys, more pinks and even reds, this statement colour brings true warmth into an interior.

Lucy advises to pair darker colours with some bright artwork, a rug and add multiple layers and textures, and to remember that just because the room is dark, it doesn’t mean everything in the room also needs to be. “The lovely soft pale pinks and bright pinks make the room inviting. Pastels have a whole new look when they are offset with the really dark wall and I love that. It really means you can enjoy the best of both worlds, the dark moody hues and the soft pastels all at once.”

Haymes paint colour: Lights Off
Haymes paint colour: Lights Off

The Room Project by Mr Jason Grant

King Living recently invited Jason Grant, interior stylist, author and creative consultant, to create a living room celebrating his signature relaxed and laidback Australian style using the King Living Jasper.

Styling Jason Grant  /  Photography Felix Forest

As part of King Living’s The Room Project, Jason was asked to style a living room with the focal piece being the award-winning Jasper. As a living room is a place for friends and family to come together to relax, entertain and socialise, Jason knew the big, comfortable sofa was the perfect starting point.
“Let’s be honest, the living room is the place where we do most of our living. A great sofa is an important investment piece and something that sets the mood for the style of your space,” he says.

“It’s important to style your space reflecting your personality and to create your very own unique place, and most of all have fun whilst you’re doing it.”

He believes the classic style of the Jasper is a winner; “It’s super comfortable and I love that this sofa can be reconfigured into many positions – it’s like ten sofas in one.”
Delivering ultimate flexibility and comfort, the Jasper design features an arrangement of platforms and shelves; it can be rearranged to suit a wide range of seating, lounging and sleeping preferences.
“Despite being a stylist, I don’t like things over styled, I like real spaces that feel lived in”, says Jason. “This is the intention of the look I created with the Jasper, a space that feels inviting and where you want to sit down.”

Check out this fun behind the scenes video featuring stylist Mr Jason Grant in action. Shop this collection by clicking here.


Look what we have here hey? Another brand spanking new issue of Adore Home Magazine. We have called our Winter 2016 issue the Devour edition – this issue is more than just a connection with food. It’s about delicious spaces and interiors you’ll want to mop up! It’s a completely irresistible issue if I do say so myself, and I hope you’ll devour each and every page of interior goodness. Gracing our front cover, is interior designer and self-confessed sweet tooth Melissa Koch and her adorable five-year-old twins. Here’s a sneak peek look at her bedroom (pictured directly below).

Photography:   Hannah Blackmore   /   Styling:   Claudia Stephenson

Photography: Hannah Blackmore  /  Styling: Claudia Stephenson

A lot of people ask me how I find homes to feature in the magazine, well honestly, most of the time I find them through Instagram and the lovely ladies at Norsu Interiors pointed me in the direction of this home designed by Michelle Hart of Bask Interiors. Her client Georgina, had a traditional home full of charming period features, it just needed to be brought back to life. With the help of Michelle, it has now turned into a slightly more contemporary space with Scandi-style furnishings and decor and lots of lush plants everywhere - my kind of home!

Photography:   Annette O'Brien   /   Styling:   Alana Langan   /   Interior design:   Bask Interiors

Photography: Annette O'Brien  /  Styling: Alana Langan  /  Interior design: Bask Interiors

Our 14 page special on decorating with plants is one of my favourite features in this issue. Recently I moved into my first bought apartment and I’ve been absolutely loving transforming my courtyard with a massive vertical garden, and shelves of potted plants. I simply can’t get enough! It was the driving force behind this feature and I hope you’ll devour each and every page and be inspired to create a lush oasis in your own home. This kitchen below has totally been brought to life thanks to the open shelving and the abundance of greenery gracing it.

Photography:   Martina Gemmola   /   Styling:   Ruth Welsby   /   Interior design:   Cantilever Interiors

Photography: Martina Gemmola  /  Styling: Ruth Welsby  /  Interior design: Cantilever Interiors

A highlight in this issue, is our delicious dining rooms feature showcases three spaces each with clean modern lines, and filled with their own distinct personality. Here is one of the beautiful dining rooms within this feature - I’m in love with that moody blue feature wall.

Photography:   Jeremy Blode   /   Styling and design:   Little Liberty Interiors

Photography: Jeremy Blode  /  Styling and design: Little Liberty Interiors

It’s been a couple of years since we last featured Katy’s colourful abode, and my goodness, how it’s changed since Katy last graced our front cover of our first printed Annual edition. Katy has taken a more pared-back approach with the renovation of her small home, including a galley-style kitchen renovation to open up the space, new timber floors, and bathroom transformation. A black and white palette ensures the longevity of the interior’s design, with Katy adding layers of pastel decor throughout to help soften the overall mood.

Photography:   Lauren Bamford   /   Styling:   Alana Langan  

Photography: Lauren Bamford  /  Styling: Alana Langan 

The new issue arrives this week and pre-orders are now open to our readers (click here). Magazine orders will be sent out next Monday. If you’ve missed one of our back issues, now is the time to pick one up on sale for just $7 each + postage. If you wish to wait til this issue hits newsagent stands, it will be in stock June 13. And finally, in important news, we'll be moving to a quarterly format from here on in. That means Adore Home will be released once every three months instead of every two. For subscribers, this will not affect your subscription - you will still receive 6 issues, it will just be over a longer time frame. It’s so much work to complete one issue every two months (more so with the printed issues than our online issue in the past), and as I’m only one person I need to make sure I’m not taking on too much work and can produce the best possible magazine each and every issue.

Kitchen storage ideas

Homewares maven, Leah Taylor of The Minimalist has perfected the art of creating clever kitchen storage solutions that are not just intuitive and practical but beautiful as well.

Words: Pip Miller  /  Photography: Hannah Blackmore  /  Styling: Claudia Stephenson

According to Leah, the kitchen shelving was already in place when they moved in, but in a simple white finish. While considering to add doors that would close all or part of the shelves in for a cleaner look overall, she went for the ‘fun’ option by keeping them open. The shelving works to store and display items that she interchanges regularly.

As is the name and straightforward aesthetic of both her retail and online store, Leah’s adage when it comes to kitchen design is quite simply, ‘less is more’.

“It can be hard to find the balance between neat and tidy and functional when open shelving provides the main storage for your kitchen. I try not to fill each shelf with too many items - a little ‘white space’ goes a long way,” she said.

“I try not to fill each shelf with too many items - a little ‘white space’ goes a long way.”

In keeping things ‘minimalist’ in her own kitchen, Leah says she couldn’t live without the enclosed lower cupboards which hold all the essentials including food, appliances and some of the less attractive culinary tools.

“I also like to use glass bowls to display eggs and other fresh produce on my shelves. They are simple and transparent so the beauty of the produce can really shine through.”

Looking for more stylish storage solutions? Check out our product round-up below for more product ideas.

United Interiors: the ultimate online destination

At United Interiors, both professional and budding interior designers will find everything they need to decorate their living spaces both inside and out.

Words: Jacqui Greig

United Interiors is Australia’s newest online marketplace for all things dedicated to a fashionable home. Two of the interior industry’s hottest labels have united under the umbrella of United Interiors - United Artworks and The Canvas Workshop – and they have been joined by exciting new brands Rug|Space and Art-Luxe.

An online hub for contemporary home accessories, United Interiors have you covered from floor to ceiling, offering beautiful hand painted artworks, fashionable prints, décor, soft furnishings, cushions, rugs and ottomans that are always in touch with global trends.

It is an excellent resource to research, buy and gather ideas for current and future interior projects, as it is also home to United Interior’s collaborators; Alisa and Lysandra, Jamie Durie and James Treble.

Coming to our attention on The Block, the formidable design duo of Alisa and Lysandra have recently created their own collection with United Artworks, while Jamie Durie has been working with The Canvas Workshop on some stunning prints on various substrates, including outdoor applications.
James Treble joined forces through the Rug|Space brand, with an exciting collaboration that focuses upon natural, organic and sustainable rug solutions.

All of which make United Interiors a digital destination for making a house, a home.

To celebrate the launch of United Interiors’ new website, they’ve currently got a grand opening sale going on. You’ll find paintings and canvas prints from just $99 along with 33% off all rugs, just to name a few specials. Hurry though their sale ends Sunday 29 May at midnight. SHOP THE SALE BY CLICKING HERE.

Perth's Alex Hotel

The delights of boutique hotels have turned vacationing in Perth into a holiday-maker’s dream. The new Alex Hotel knows just how to make you feel at home.

Photography: Hannah Blackmore

The Alex Hotel greets you like a super stylish old friend. The Northbridge-based site is one of the latest spaces vying for attention in the trend of boutique hotels that are bursting with personality.

The 74-room boutique digs opened in May 2015, developed by the same minds behind iconic Perth brew house Little Creatures. Turns out, they can bring their craft beer sensibilities to hospitality, with unique boutique style accommodations brimming with an edgy but homely vibe. The team has created a place for inquisitive travellers with a love of style.

The hotel interior has been designed by Sydney powerhouse Arent & Pyke, with communal areas expertly layered with luxe oriental-style rugs, and big, comfy textured lounge chairs. Light-filled spaces are highlighted with elaborate pendant style lighting and show-stopping pieces of art.

The Northbridge-based site is one of the latest spaces vying for attention in the trend of boutique hotels that are bursting with personality.

Arent & Pyke treated the lobby and communal spaces as places for living. More lounge room than lobby, the spaces layer lush fabrics and colours that are a world away from stark clinical hotel living. Layer this with outdoor terraces and a rooftop garden and who wouldn’t feel at home?

With a nod to hipster culture, a fleet of Dutch Lekker bikes stand ready for exploring at the hotel entrance. They are free for guests to jump on and explore the cafes, restaurants and retailers dotting the neigbourhood. Northbridge is also just moments from Perth’s CBD, with galleries and theatres just a stone’s throw away.
Hotel General Manager Miles Hull says the hotel took a “modern and fresh” approach.

“Our desire is to create an engaging hotel that provides guests with a warm sense of traditional hospitality, with a modern and fresh approach, all wrapped up in a location that has everything on the doorstep,” Miles says.

The communal areas are designed for group use as well, fostering space for creative and imaginative thinking. The roof top garden terrace and meeting room offer breathtaking views of the Perth city skyline.

Like what you see? Click here to book a room.