Kitchen storage ideas

Homewares maven, Leah Taylor of The Minimalist has perfected the art of creating clever kitchen storage solutions that are not just intuitive and practical but beautiful as well.

Words: Pip Miller  /  Photography: Hannah Blackmore  /  Styling: Claudia Stephenson

According to Leah, the kitchen shelving was already in place when they moved in, but in a simple white finish. While considering to add doors that would close all or part of the shelves in for a cleaner look overall, she went for the ‘fun’ option by keeping them open. The shelving works to store and display items that she interchanges regularly.

As is the name and straightforward aesthetic of both her retail and online store, Leah’s adage when it comes to kitchen design is quite simply, ‘less is more’.

“It can be hard to find the balance between neat and tidy and functional when open shelving provides the main storage for your kitchen. I try not to fill each shelf with too many items - a little ‘white space’ goes a long way,” she said.

“I try not to fill each shelf with too many items - a little ‘white space’ goes a long way.”

In keeping things ‘minimalist’ in her own kitchen, Leah says she couldn’t live without the enclosed lower cupboards which hold all the essentials including food, appliances and some of the less attractive culinary tools.

“I also like to use glass bowls to display eggs and other fresh produce on my shelves. They are simple and transparent so the beauty of the produce can really shine through.”

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