The Room Project by Mr Jason Grant

King Living recently invited Jason Grant, interior stylist, author and creative consultant, to create a living room celebrating his signature relaxed and laidback Australian style using the King Living Jasper.

Styling Jason Grant  /  Photography Felix Forest

As part of King Living’s The Room Project, Jason was asked to style a living room with the focal piece being the award-winning Jasper. As a living room is a place for friends and family to come together to relax, entertain and socialise, Jason knew the big, comfortable sofa was the perfect starting point.
“Let’s be honest, the living room is the place where we do most of our living. A great sofa is an important investment piece and something that sets the mood for the style of your space,” he says.

“It’s important to style your space reflecting your personality and to create your very own unique place, and most of all have fun whilst you’re doing it.”

He believes the classic style of the Jasper is a winner; “It’s super comfortable and I love that this sofa can be reconfigured into many positions – it’s like ten sofas in one.”
Delivering ultimate flexibility and comfort, the Jasper design features an arrangement of platforms and shelves; it can be rearranged to suit a wide range of seating, lounging and sleeping preferences.
“Despite being a stylist, I don’t like things over styled, I like real spaces that feel lived in”, says Jason. “This is the intention of the look I created with the Jasper, a space that feels inviting and where you want to sit down.”

Check out this fun behind the scenes video featuring stylist Mr Jason Grant in action. Shop this collection by clicking here.