Preserving the original character of this older-style Perth house was a priority – as was infusing it with the personality of the vibrant family who call it home.

Photography Claire McFerran  /  Styling Andrea Pienaar  /  Words Jacqui Greig


A statement front door is not for the faint of heart, and for Andrea Pienaar of SIBA Interiors, it wasn’t a decision she took lightly. In fact, she tried 13 different sample pots of paint before she settled on her perfect blush shade - Taubmans Beige Pink.
It is this love of colour and design, that makes the Perth-based home she shares with husband Stef and sons Max, Griffin, and Jasper (and Gypsy the dog) such an inviting space.

The family moved into the house three years ago, and completely gutted and renovated 12 months ago: “We loved the fact that it was big enough for our crazy family, and loved the character of it – original, pressed tin ceilings, and lots of quirks.”


“Someone once said they thought that green chair needed its own Instagram account. This was a piece of furniture I saw and just knew I had to have - at the sacrifice of buying plants for our landscaping.”


While aware of not detracting from the character of the older-style house, the couple completely gutted the bottom level and changed the layout – the only part they didn’t touch was one bedroom at the front! They added a new kitchen, laundry, scullery, bathrooms, floors, landscaping and cladding.

With such a mammoth task, it was fortunate that Andrea already worked in the industry.

“SIBA (her business, Style It By Andrea) started as a niggling desire to work in the interiors industry about six years ago,” she explains. What began as a property and interiors styling business has since evolved into a bespoke interiors styling service.

That said, sometimes too much knowledge proved to be a hindrance on the renovation. “My indecision was chronic,” Andrea laughs. “Just when I thought I’d settled on a general look, I’d find a new product or colour scheme and second-guess everything.”


Gravitating toward a natural aesthetic, Andrea used natural timber finishes and brass fixtures to create a fusion of Scandinavian/boho style in her home. “I generally love a bit of colour, but started off quite neutral with my palette and added colour in my soft furnishings and furniture,” she says – discounting that pink door, of course. 


“There’s no denying I am in a pink haze, at the moment. With three boys, I feel like the bits of pink I’ve been inserting into our lives is me asserting some feminine influences amongst the footy balls and bits of Lego. I think my husband just knew there was no arguing with me on that colour choice, plus he’s used to me having seemingly crazy colour ideas I don’t budge on.”

Something else Andrea understandably loathed to budge on was the green, velvet armchair that now graces her lounge room. “Someone once said they thought that chair needed its own Instagram account. This was a piece of furniture I saw and just knew I had to have - at the sacrifice of buying plants for our landscaping.”

It is this genuine love for all elements of her home that gives it ‘soul’ – from artwork choices that reflect the family’s passions, adventures and history, to the comfortable, sustainable furniture.

It stands to reason that a home with such a delicious front door is filled with love and laughter – which is exactly what Andrea has achieved.





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