New Renovation Edition is Here!


Straight off the printer’s press – the brand new Renovation edition is available today in our online shop. Here’s a look inside the new issue.

Photography   Annette O’Brien  /  Styling   Alana Langan  /  Interior design   Courtney Leslie

Photography Annette O’Brien / Styling Alana Langan / Interior design Courtney Leslie

Well at long last I can reveal our front cover of the new Autumn issue! We actually had two cover options and we put out a vote on our Instagram Stories – and this is the cover the vast majority of you loved – featuring Courtney Leslie’s chic contemporary kitchen! Our special Renovation edition is packed with renovation tips from experts in the field, and a kitchens feature with 10 kitchens that cater to all tastes. Plus you’ll find four home tours – each one meticulously renovated. And if you’re in search of a new travel destination – have you considered Brisbane? It’s an urban oasis and we’ve tracked down the most blissful places to stay, eat, drink and shop in bustling Brisbane.

Available to buy now in the Adore online shop and in newsagents Australia-wide from March 14.

Photography   H Creations  /  Design and styling   Maria Cerne, Studio Black  /  Build   Homes by Howe

Photography H Creations / Design and styling Maria Cerne, Studio Black / Build Homes by Howe

Photography   Mindi Cooke  /  Styling   Kylie Jackes  /  Interior design   Front Porch Properties

Photography Mindi Cooke / Styling Kylie Jackes / Interior design Front Porch Properties

Photography   Lisa Cohen  /  Interior design   Alisa & Lysandra

Photography Lisa Cohen / Interior design Alisa & Lysandra

4 Tips for the Ultimate Laundry

Looking to create the ultimate laundry? Interior designer, stylist and content sourcing assistant at Adore Home, Kate Moss shares with us her top four tips to designing a practical yet beautiful laundry.


Photography   Lisa Cohen  /  Styling   Beck Simon  /  Design   Norsu Home

Photography Lisa Cohen / Styling Beck Simon / Design Norsu Home

In a laundry, maximise storage where possible – increasing the height of your joinery by using floor to ceiling storage cupboards will greatly help to use every square inch. Include a combination of cupboards, overheads, drawers and bench top space to really get the most out of the space. Also ensure you have a cupboard for the bigger items such as ironing boards, mops, drying racks, brooms, vacuum cleaners etc. so they don’t clutter the space.

Consider built in ironing boards and open hanging rails – this will allow you to have clothes drying on hangers and reduces ironing time too. Also make sure you have enough bench space to sit a washing basket, fold clothes or rest necessities.

Including open shelving will allow you to store items that are used regularly (washing powder, stain remover etc.) within easy access and can also be used to display plants, vases, candles, soaps or fresh towels – finishing touches that will give your laundry the designer look. Don’t include too much open shelving as it will create clutter.

Use concealed cabinetry to create smart, space saving solutions – this reduces clutter and creates a seamless, free flowing laundry space. Ensure you install appropriate ventilation if concealing washing machines etc.


Photography   Martina Gemmola  /  Design   GIA Renovations

Photography Martina Gemmola / Design GIA Renovations

Photography   Martina Gemmola  /  Design   GIA Renovations

Photography Martina Gemmola / Design GIA Renovations


Doing the laundry is bad enough so why not brighten the space a little bit with some bold wall tiles, tap ware or flooring. If you aren’t game enough to add bold tones, you can still add colour by using muted pastels or create a point of difference with varying textures. Also add interest with patterned towels, baskets, and greenery.


Photography   Annette O’Brien  /  Styling   Alana Langa n /  Design   Julia and Sasha

Photography Annette O’Brien / Styling Alana Langan / Design Julia and Sasha

Photography   Rikki Lancaster  /  Design   Kate Cooper

Photography Rikki Lancaster / Design Kate Cooper

Consider the location in the house – ideally the laundry needs to be in or near a services area, away from bedrooms and living areas so that when your washing machine or dryer is in use, it doesn’t resonate throughout resting or entertaining zones. Also, ensure it has reasonable access to a clothes line or drying area. In this laundry pictured above, designed by Julia and Sasha, they’ve opted for a window door to let plenty of natural light in, and the door obviously makes it easy to take washing out to the line.

Short on space? Consider underutilised spaces such as hallways, or even bathrooms to create a laundry nook with sliding doors for a space saving solution.

In this laundry nook pictured opposite (designed by Kate Cooper Interiors), she created a laundry in the hallway by using the space which used to be a storage cupboard. Consider combined appliances to save space or stack washers and dryers on top of one another like Kate has done below.


Photography   The Palm Co  /  Design   The Stables

Photography The Palm Co / Design The Stables

Last but certainly not least, remember that the finishing touches can really complete the space. Artwork, display shelving, wall hooks, baskets, nice containers, towels and even plants can all help to create a beautiful laundry. Also if space permits consider combining a mud room with the laundry like in the laundry shown below left.



Talented design duo Alisa + Lysandra were hired by Caltex to weave their magic and create a beautifully designed interior at The Foodary, Derrimut.


The Foodary in Derrimut (located 18km west of Melbourne’s CBD) is the second project Alisa + Lysandra have worked on with Caltex, following the successful launch of The Foodary at Altona North earlier this year.

While offering all the essentials needed to keep moving when on the road, such as energy drinks, phone chargers, snacks and automotive products, the newly opened store has put the focus squarely back on service and the changing needs of Australian consumers.

“Our customers have been telling us that service stations have forgotten about service and we have been listening,” said Helen Moore, Caltex’s General Manager of Convenience Development.

“We also know that a good bathroom on the road can be few and far between, if available at all. It’s why we’ve taken a leap with this new store and enlisted the talents of Alisa and Lysandra, best known for their bathroom designs when they won The Block in 2013, to design bathroom and shower facilities that will change customer perceptions of what to expect when they visit this store,” Helen said.


“With this project we have used modern design features such as forest greenery to create a fresh and inviting feel aimed at encouraging customers to take the time to relax and enjoy all that The Foodary offers,” says Alisa + Lysandra. “The bathrooms and showers are the centrepiece of this, bringing Scandinavian interior design elements that are very different to what you would expect to experience at a service station.”

“We are proud to have worked with Caltex on this project,” says Alisa + Lysandra. “The new store shows how interior design can be used to improve the customer experience and will challenge perceptions of what to expect in this part of the retail sector.”

If only all service stations looked like this. Road trip to Derrimut anybody?




Today we’re diving head first into Urban Road’s most sophisticated collection to date – and we’re in total awe of this whimsical collection of art prints.


Taking you on a journey through oceans and wide, open spaces; past colourful creatures, and through a kaleidoscope of botanicals, Urban Road’s new collection is a celebration of adventure. Like a trick of the light - by adding a dash of colour here, and a touch of whimsy there, Odyssey beckons you to come and delight in the rediscovery of ordinary things, to wonder with brand new eyes at the beauty of natural form.

Drawing inspiration from the intrinsic sense of wanderlust that lives within us all, the collection has been meticulously designed and curated by Urban Road’s Creative Director, Suzie Atkin – her sole desire to help us dream. The sophisticated colour palette intertwines soft, earthy base notes, accenting them with tones of brightest vivacity, like jewels set in a crown woven from leaves and branches.

Choose from unframed or framed prints on paper, or premium canvas (which can also be framed) in a variety of sizes to suit your room. Click here to shop Urban Road’s new Odyssey collection.


Bench Seat Roundup

Kent bench seat from Barnaby Lane  / Photography: Annette O’Brien / Styling: Alana Langan / Interior: Bask Interiors

Kent bench seat from Barnaby Lane / Photography: Annette O’Brien / Styling: Alana Langan / Interior: Bask Interiors

Whether it’s for a hallway, mudroom or in the bedroom, a bench seat is a versatile piece of furniture – a must for every home. Here’s our roundup of a variety of benches to suit any budget.


If you’re looking to invest in a quality piece of furniture, we suggest spending a little more money. These options are all priced at over $1,000. We love the Scandinavian vibes of these bench seats – the timber combined with the simple upholstered cushion top make all three of these winners. We’ve deliberately hand-selected benches that are neutral in colour in this luxury category – pieces that will stand the test of time.


There’s plenty of bench seats to choose from in the mid-range price category ($300-$1,000). The Raffles Rattan bench seat (pictured above) is a great option for achieving that relaxed boho/coastal style. It’s from Byron Bay Hanging Chairs – I just love the texture of the woven rattan top.

If you’ve got the space, why not add a bench seat to the foot of your bed? These two examples below from Life Interiors are stylish options. I love the storage in the bottom option – particularly handy if you’ve ever wondered where to store excess cushions on the bed at night!


If you’re on a budget and want to spend less than $200 on a bench seat, you’re in luck there are plenty of affordable options from a variety of mainstream stores (in fact all of the six in our roundup above are under $100)! We just recommend to check these out in store in person first or to measure up before ordering online. Some of the benches in our roundup above are petite in size so you’ll need to see if they meet your requirements.

You can see how well a bench seat can work in a front entry (pictured above and below). Team your bench seat with some hooks on the wall for accessories and you have a practical spot to pop on your shoes and grab your bag before heading outside.



Kimmy Hogan is back from maternity leave and has released what quite possibly could be her best collection yet! These dreamy floral illustrations are available on paper or canvas.

Photography Armelle Habib
Styling Julia Green for Greenhouse Interiors, assisted by Aisha Chaudhry, Janneke Coyle and Jessica Retallack

adore_blog_KimmyHogan 03.jpg
adore_blog_KimmyHogan 01.jpg

After welcoming her third child into the world last year, digital artist Kimmy Hogan spent her maternity leave exploring new ideas for her artwork minus the pressure or expectation of deadlines she had known prior.

“I wanted to break away from my formal style in favour of something more abstract and free flowing,” Kimmy says. New colours, lines and compositions form a part of this new body of work, the result being a collection that encapsulates the feeling of being free to drift away.

Four new works printed on paper and canvas, aptly titled Sway, Drift, Blush and Wonder are available to order through Greenhouse Interiors.

adore_blog_KimmyHogan 04.jpg
adore_blog_KimmyHogan 02.jpg

At Home With Marcia Leone


The home of Marcia Leone, founder and editor of award-winning website Not So Mumsy, strikes a perfect balance between stylish and child-friendly.

Photography Hannah Blackmore / Styling Claudia Stephenson / Words Jacqui Greig


“When it came to styling my home, I wanted to create a light and bright space with pieces I loved,” Marcia explains. “Even though some pieces aren’t technically kid-friendly (hello white sofa!), I just modified by adding throws.”

Marcia worked with interior stylist Crystal Bailey to create a chic yet relaxed abode. Combining boho and coastal luxe design elements, the colour palette is neutral, with pops of colour and plenty of greenery, including Marcia’s healthily over-sized fig tree (“I have no idea how I’ve kept it alive!”).

Thanks to a fabulously global lifestyle courtesy of her successful online platform Not So Mumsy, Marcia has incorporated pieces from her travels into her home, and many of the artworks are pictures from her trips. She also appreciates sustainable wares with a human story, such as her Klaylife chandelier with clay beads hand-rolled by a community of women in South Africa, and her Beni Ourain rug from Tigmi Trading, which was made by artisans in Morocco.

With its abundant natural light, original floors and stained-glass windows, Marcia’s home radiates charm with a modern touch.






This is an edited extract from Adore’s Summer 2018 edition. Click here to buy online. Also available from select retail stores (click here for the list) or in newsagents Australia-wide.