Interior design   Kyal and Kara Demmrich     /   Photography   Rose Jane

Interior design Kyal and Kara Demmrich  Photography Rose Jane

In the new edition of Adore Home, we explored the hottest kitchen trends stepping it up in the design stakes this year. Here’s a look at our top five favourite trends for 2017.

Words Jacqui Greig + Loni Parker


Interior design   Arent&Pyke   /   Photography   Felix Forest

Interior design Arent&Pyke  /  Photography Felix Forest

Interior design   Kyal and Kara Demmrich     /   Photo   Rose Jane

Interior design Kyal and Kara Demmrich  Photo Rose Jane

Colour choices in kitchens don’t always trend towards the safe option, and these kitchens prove pastels can be given a modern edge. Counterbalanced with clean lines, crisp white ceilings and wooden accents, pastels become more than just pretty.

Former The Block contestants Kara and Kyal Demmrich now run their own design and construction business, and their kitchen design (pictured opposite and at very top of this blog post) features Taubmans grey-blue ‘Iron Gate’.

The retro vibe of the grey-blue pastel is accentuated by the custom-made wooden door handle of the pantry, and integrated fridge door – both of which were made by surf lover Kyal, whose inspiration came from a 1960s Malibu surfboard.

Moving away from a retro influence, the interior design team at Arent&Pyke utilised the muted olive greens of Dulux Waltzing and Pozieres to create a calm and sophisticated kitchen (pictured above).

Interior design   Three Birds Renovations

Interior design Three Birds Renovations

Three Birds Renovations weren’t afraid to take a risk with this dreamy pastel colour scheme. Using Taubmans ‘Misty Lake’ for the cabinetry was a bold move that has paid off. Combined with the gold pendant lights and door handles, and the Caesarstone Statuario Nuvo benchtop and splashback, the look is one of sheer luxury.


This image and below:  Interior design   Poss Sampieri     /   Photography  Doswell & Mclean

This image and below: Interior design Poss Sampieri  Photography Doswell & Mclean

While one does not usually associate matte black with kitchens, these uber stylish spaces cannot be denied. Brisbane-based interior designer Alexandra Macmillan is passionate about collaborating with clients to create bespoke design solutions and has created a bold and masculine look with this client’s kitchen (pictured below).

To combat the inevitable grubby marks on cabinetry finishes, Alexandra selected a mid-matte, 2PAC finish in Taubmans ‘Trendy’. “It’s a softer alternative to straight black, and more forgiving on fingerprints and dirt. The black finish held up surprisingly well around tradesmen in the final stages of construction works, so I feel like it is prepared for anything now.”

For Poss Sampieri, owner of boutique accommodation Nord House (pictured above), the use of matte black in the kitchen was an extension of the pared back elegance featured throughout this oasis of contemporary Scandinavian design.

“You simply can’t go wrong with black,” says Poss.

Interior design   Alexandra Macmillan   /   Photography   Mindi Cooke

Interior design Alexandra Macmillan  /  Photography Mindi Cooke


All 3 images pictured in Au Naturel section:  Interior design   Cantilever Interiors     /   Styling   Ruth Welsby   /   Photography   Martina Gemmola

All 3 images pictured in Au Naturel section: Interior design Cantilever Interiors  Styling Ruth Welsby  /  Photography Martina Gemmola

The trend for pairing wooden elements with a crisp colour palette is a natural winner. Just ask Cantilever Interiors, who prefer Blackbutt veneer and Hoop Pine plywood to bring a soft warmth to their kitchen designs.

“Introducing a balanced element of timber into the kitchen helps connect it to the whole home, tying in with other timber elements often found in windows, floors and furniture,” says Travis. “Using white to balance the warmth of timber is a classic palette that will last as long as the kitchen.”

“We are influenced by mid-century furniture and architecture,” says Travis Dean, Director of Cantilever Interiors. “The ethos of the era has influenced our approach to materials, and design motivations.”


Interior design   Black Lacquer Design     /   Photography   Mary Costa

Interior design Black Lacquer Design  Photography Mary Costa

Colour palettes of earthy hues are definitely trending, and in 2017 we foresee interiors embracing rich tones of green, such as these moody forest shades. And how to complement this bold colour choice? Whites and warmer tones, like those found in natural timbers, are a tried-and-true option (pictured below). Or, ramp it up with black marble and gold accents (above) for a sexy, dramatic appearance.

Caitlin Murray of Black Lacquer Design loved the idea of a high-gloss, deep British racing green: “This green is simultaneously bold and anchored, which I think stems from it being a colour that exists in nature. When using a bright colour, I like to ensure that the other elements are sophisticated, to keep the design from feeling kitschy. The subtle contrast of marble and brass accents elevate the aesthetic, allowing for the dramatic wash of green to make sense,” she explains.

Interior design   Anna Smith     /   Photography   Chandler Kim

Interior design Anna Smith  Photography Chandler Kim

Anna Smith, designer behind the kitchen opposite, chose a more muted – but no less successful – green for her kitchen. The bright, open space allows for the island bench (painted in Benjamin Moore’s earthy ‘Cushing Green,’ lightened with ‘Simply White’) to shine, tying nicely with the timber accents of the kitchen.

So, if you’re looking to transform your kitchen, take a leaf from our book and go green.


This image and below  Interior design   Rita Chan Interiors     /   Photography   Taryn Kent

This image and below Interior design Rita Chan Interiors  Photography Taryn Kent

The coastal-influenced Hamptons interior is traditional, but imbues a sense of relaxed comfort and timeless elegance. What makes this design choice an excellent one for kitchens is the longevity of its enduring style, making it a popular choice for 2017 and beyond.

Rita Donahoe of Rita Chan Interiors in the US says that while the foundation of a Hamptons-inspired kitchen may be traditional, the overall feeling is casual and easy-going: “I love this aesthetic for the happy feelings it evokes.”

When it comes to styling, Rita loves to incorporate wood accents to add warmth to what is usually a predominantly white kitchen, as evidenced in her work pictured above and to the right. “I don’t think you can go wrong with all-white pottery, and vintage glass canisters and mason jars for food storage. I tend to set a neutral foundation and bring colour in through fresh flowers,” she says

Interior design   Design by Danni   /   Photography   Rikki Lancaster   /   Cabinet makers   Juro Design

Interior design Design by Danni  /  Photography Rikki Lancaster Cabinet makers Juro Design

This is a style that works well with our relaxed Australian lifestyle, as evidenced by Danni Morrison of Design by Danni’s kitchen pictured above. “Typically, you will find lots of white in a Hamptons-inspired kitchen, as well as striking white marble (or stone), detailed cabinetry, subway tiles, and thick legs around the island bench,” says Danni.

This is an edited extract from Adore Home’s Autumn 2017 edition, in newsagents now.