Store Profile: Hass & Co Botanics


You don’t need a green thumb to create a stylish indoor garden, thanks to Perth-based Hass & Co.

Words Beth Greshwalk

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Nothing breathes life into an abode like a lush indoor garden. But finding the best plants and ‘plantwares’ to complement our interiors – not to mention the all-important greenery upkeep – can feel a bit daunting. So, it’s always refreshing to discover retailers like Hass & Co. Botanics, Perth’s divine destination for houseplants, accessories and personalised plant selection and styling guidance.

Hass & Co. was founded in 2017 by Cal Hassall and Casey O’Callahan, proud owners of an indoor garden who’d been yearning for more botanical décor choices than Perth had to offer. Harnessing Casey’s passion for nature and the couple’s shared retail experience, “we decided to put our backgrounds to good use, with the goal of making (plantware) options more accessible,” explains Casey.

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After opening their eye-catching boutique on Leederville’s equally vibrant Oxford Street, the pair soon realised their customers were not only seekers of quality Australian accessories unseen at larger department stores, but also those without green thumbs requiring easy-care foliage for their indoor gardens.

The solution?

“We carefully hand-select hardy tropical varieties of plants, because their preferred environment is easy to replicate at home,” says Casey. “We select ‘shade-grown’ plants, meaning they’re already seasoned to be grown in an indoor environment.”


The most popular of such low-maintenance plants include the versatile devil’s ivy – “Grow it long and let it trail down, or take a cutting and grow it in water,” recommends Casey – along with calathea varieties like the pink-striped ornata: “These beauties love warmth and humidity. A bathroom with natural light is the perfect location.”


As for the store’s selection of homegrown and international plantwares, clientele are loving locally made, steel plant hangers and stands by Still Life: “Their ladder stand is a personal favourite,” adds Casey. Other bestsellers include moss balls created by Perth-based Leaf & Moss.

And when it comes to styling stimuli, look no further than Hass & Co. displays. “They’re refreshed regularly, showcasing different ways to play with colour and texture to achieve an overall look,” says Casey. “We encourage customers to mix and match products until they find a combination that gets them excited.”

Visit Hass & Co Botanics at Suite 3a/250 Oxford St, Leederville, Perth WA.