Shop profile: Gold Chalk


If you’re looking for colourful homewares and special gifts, we’ve stumbled upon a hidden gem in Montmorency, Melbourne – Gold Chalk. We take a tour of this delightful shop and chat to owner Kylie Tyrrell.

Photography Sister Scout Studio


Property stylist Kylie Tyrrell has recently fulfilled a lifelong dream by opening her new retail store – Gold Chalk. Situated in the suburb of Montmorency in the North East of Melbourne, the boutique sells a carefully curated collection of art, cushions, throws, quirky decor and beautiful gifts. Having worked in the local real estate market as a property stylist, Kylie decided the area was a perfect fit for her shop.

“I have had the privilege of visiting and helping lots of locals to help get their homes sale ready,” explains Kylie. “Often I would hear the owners saying, I wish I had done this to my home earlier. They would fall in love with the space once it was styled. I love helping people add colour, texture and art to their homes – the shop really eventuated from there. I still get to consult in people’s homes, but now I get to offer them a further service of purchasing art and accessories for their home from the shop. The space is an extension of my personality – it is bright, colourful and has everything I love and know that works in homes.”

“Whilst it is still very early on in the piece, I have never been happier,” says Kylie of her new retail store.


Visit Gold Chalk in person at shop 4/39 Grand Boulevard, Montmorency