Rugs Roundup

Photography   Mindi Cooke   /   Styling   Kylie Jackes   /   Build   Graya Construction   /   Architect   Base Architecture     /   Interior design     Kayla Boyd

Photography Mindi Cooke  /  Styling Kylie Jackes  /  Build Graya Construction  /  Architect Base Architecture  Interior design Kayla Boyd

Looking for a new rug? It can be tricky selecting the perfect one – we’ve rounded up a few of our favourites for the living room, bedroom and kids’ rooms. Plus a few handy hints for what to be looking for.


Photography   Hannah Blackmore   /   Styling   Claudia Stephenson   /   Interior design  Kristine Jenkins

Photography Hannah Blackmore  /  Styling Claudia Stephenson  /  Interior design Kristine Jenkins

Photography  Armelle Habib  Styling  Greenhouse Interiors + NC Interiors

Photography Armelle Habib
Styling Greenhouse Interiors + NC Interiors

I love a good fluffy wool rug – they’re so soft underfoot so are a great option for living rooms. This Kasbah rug from West Elm (pictured above) is just one example of their great range of Morrocan-inspired wool rugs – I have this one in my own living room and love it!

If super neutral is your thing, yet you want some subtle pattern and texture, the Cesar rug from Tribe Home (pictured at the very top of blog post) is a superb option. I can attest to their quality too, owning one of their rugs in my own home. A word of warning – a white rug in a high-traffic zone such as a living room won’t work for everyone - this rug would also be a great option for a low-traffic room such as a bedroom.

Amigos De Hoy have a delightful range of boho-inspired rugs. Their Hawkwind rug pictured opposite is at a great price point too - the 2 x 3m size is only $499. In my opinion you wouldn’t want to go much smaller than a 2 x 3m rug in a living room – bigger is usually always better for this zone.

If you’re feeling more confident with colour, how about this amazing Popsycle rug from Jardan (pictured below)! Dreamy...



Photography  Armelle Habib  /   Styling  Greenhouse Interiors + NC Interiors

Photography Armelle Habib  /  Styling Greenhouse Interiors + NC Interiors

When it comes to selecting a rug for the bedroom think about going for something more textured and soft. Because the bedroom is a low-traffic zone, you can go for thicker, plusher and even lighter colours because there’s not as much foot traffic. Plus there’s nothing nicer than getting out of bed in the morning and feeling the softness underfoot.

I adore the colours and fringe tassels on this vintage inspired Tembo cotton rug from Amigos De Hoy (pictured above).

In terms of rug placement, Jonno Rodd from Hunting For George suggests for a more luxurious look, to place a large rug underneath the bed with a generous amount visible at the foot and sides. “Keep bedside tables off the rug to highlight the floor and enhance the feeling of space. We recommend something with a beautifully soft texture like the Armadillo&Co Sierra Weave, or something from the latest hand-woven collection, the Latitude Collection,” says Jonno.




When it comes to deciding on a rug for your child’s room, think about their age and needs. A nursery or room for a young toddler might benefit from a softer, thicker rug like this Dreamweaver wool rug from Granite Lane (pictured above).

Jonno Rodd from Hunting For George suggests that smaller round rugs work well in nurseries under or next to cribs to make smaller spaces feel intimate and playful. “The Sierra Weave range (pictured opposite) from Armadillo&Co has some beautifully soft pastels as well as neutral colour ways,” suggests Jonno. “It also happens to be the softest rug going around, perfect for the little ones to sit and play for hours on end.”

West Elm also have a new range of nursery rugs in collaboration with Pottery Barn. Their Loop rug (pictured below) is so plush and I just love the subtlety in its design.


Dutch Warehouse recently collaborated with stylist Bek Halliday to create this beautiful, handmade Fawn Dot rug (pictured above). Inspired by Bek’s style and use of natural colours, the rugs work perfectly in nurseries, playrooms or even in living rooms. The rugs are super soft and are perfect for scandi boho interiors.