Plant Stand Obsession

If there’s an interiors trend that dominated 2016, it would have to be the comeback of the plant stand. Turning plants into sculptural statement pieces, plant stands are now a decorating must-have.



Photography: Eve Wilson

Partners in both business and life, Bianca Lambert and Thomas Wilson started Capra Designs in late 2015, two months after the birth of their baby boy, Banjo. Their latest Melbourne-made Aurora collection is their second range, and it’s gorgeous.

“We are makers at heart and therefore we create things that we would love in our own home,” explains Bianca. “Tom and I have a very similar design aesthetic, we appreciate a clean, modern, industrial look which shows in the wire component of our range. Sometimes our designs start on paper and other times we take an idea direct to the studio for creation.”

A standout in the collection, the Crescent stand towers over most plant stands at a whopping 159cm. A real show-stopper, it has proven to be a favourite amongst renters says Bianca; “The Crescent Stand is a renter’s dream, allowing them to bring height to their decorating without putting holes in the walls, it’s often used by renters as a feature rather than artworks.”

Plant choice is also an important consideration when it comes to styling plant stands. “I recommend looking for something which drapes but also has some height for example a Spider Plant, Boston Fern or Devil’s Ivy,” says Bianca.

When asked what Bianca’s favourite plant is, she can’t just stop at listing one. “There are so many indoor plants I adore and my favourites change on a weekly basis as new varieties come into season. I can’t go past Hoyas and Rhipsalis which are widely available at the moment and drape perfectly in hanging pots. I’m also becoming a little obsessed with Air Plants since they have become more accessible (despite how long they take to grow) and sit so pretty in our Minimo pot,” explains Bianca.

Trilogy (pictured above to the right side), was one of our products that went straight into development. Originally developed as a stand alone piece, it was obvious with its simplicity and versatility that part of its beauty would be in the shapes it creates when joining two together. The Diamond and Trilogy hangers were designed for both inside and out. They look great outside either clustered in a corner and strung at different levels or hung in a line to help divide two spaces,” explains Bianca.

Minimo (pictured above to the left side), on the other hand works beautifully sitting alone or grouped with other treasures in a vignette. Be creative with how you choose to use the vessel you may want it to hold an Air Plant, a potted plant or even use to hold nuts or lollies,” says Bianca.


Photography: Annette O'Brien  /  Styling: Alana Langan

Without a doubt, Ivy Muse led the plant stand revival, opening in 2014. The botanical wares studio specialise in a variety of contemporary plant stand designs, all made and designed in Melbourne. Their latest collection Homebody, comprises of seven new designs including a plant hanger, three plant stands, a plant shelf plus hand-made ceramic tabletops and ceramic pots (all pictured above). Long time friends Jacqui Vidal and Alana Langan (pictured below) are the masterminds behind Ivy Muse and both agree there is nothing chicer or cheaper than adding life and style to a home than healthy plant life. What Ivy Muse specialise in, is making sure your greenery is displayed in style.

According to Alana, plant stands really do what their name suggests by giving plants height but their magic lies in their ability to transform – from humble plant to decorative statement! “Plant stands suit a variety of spaces within the home – their use is mostly guided by the plants they support and how you would like to use them. If you need to brighten a dull corner, a plant stand with a hardy plant like a Sanseveiria or Cast Iron plant will do the trick well. For a brighter spot, you could choose a long trailing Devil’s Ivy or team your stand with a large lightweight pot and a Spath Sensation for maximum effect.”

Plant stands suit a variety of spaces within the home their use is mostly guided by the plants they support and how you would like to use them.”


Another worthy contender in the plant stand space, is the TOM planter designed by Max Hunt and Tom Crosby for Hunt Furniture.

This versatile indoor planter box also doubles as a side table. How clever! Depending on your preference, you can select the wire frame in classic black, or polished copper. The hand made box comes in natural American Oak or Japan Black finish.

Based in South Australia, Hunt Furniture’s aim is to produce well designed, simple, elegant, and accessible furniture.