NEW YEAR Spring Clean

Image via  Fisher & Paykel

Image via Fisher & Paykel

At the start of each year I always feel a spring clean coming on. It’s that time of year to set yearly goals and give the home a full tidy. Here’s some great products to get your laundry, home office and wardrobe super organised.


In the laundry, things can look scrappy pretty quickly – a mismatch of ugly laundry bottles/products, and clothes strewn all over the place. Organisation is paramount in this space. A hanging rail is essential for hanging hand washed and delicate items. I love this leather hanging rail from H&G Designs pictured above – they also work for the wardrobe with a shorter hanging strap (I believe they can also custom design to suit your needs).

A drying rack is also an essential – I personally don’t like plastic/metal ones as they rust over time from wet washing. They’re just not practical in the long run and not all that pretty to look at either. But when I stumbled across this Everyday Drying Rack from George & Willy I rejoiced – finally a company making beautiful racks that won’t rust, and last the test of time. The only downside is that it doesn’t hold a lot – but it’s a great one for smaller loads of washing or delicates that can’t go in the dryer. Plus look how it folds up (see image below) – it neatly sits flat on the wall so won’t take up lots of space when not in use.

181025_0100 copy.jpg

Is it just me, or are pretty much all laundry products from the supermarket ugly in terms of packaging? If you want to give your laundry a quick refresh that won’t cost much – how about pouring your cleaning products into clear glass bottles and adding custom labels? These ones from Boxwood Avenue (pictured above) are free to download (click here for it) – you just need to print them out yourself on sticker paper. I think I’ve found an easy task for myself to complete this weekend.

If you can’t be bothered with all of that and are hunting for beautiful, simple-looking products for the laundry (and bathroom) I can recommend Murchison-Hume and Bondi Wash products also (pictured below).

Laundry 1_final.jpeg

Total laundry goals right here – pictured above is Jillian Harris’ amazing laundry. Gosh look how organised it is, and I just adore that cute laundry tub on wheels. Unfortunately it’s from the US and looks to be out of stock at the moment, so I’ve rounded up three other stylish options from Australian retailers below (simply click on each to shop).



If you work from home, you’ll know the struggle is real trying to keep everything looking tidy and not like a bomb hit the place (as my office looks on some days)! I’ve recently come across Marie Kondo (through her new Netflix show Tidying Up) and have been inspired now to organise products according to like items and also use boxes to compartmentalize smaller items like cords and paperclips etc. This set of three wire storage baskets from Mustard (above) come in a range of colours and were made to fit their line of lockers (which are also super handy for office storage – see below). More great office storage solutions below…



When it comes to wardrobe organization – I find drawers within wardrobes to be hugely helpful in keeping everything tidy. Hanging clothes up immediately after washing/drying is something else I have a habit of, otherwise the pile of clothing can start to accumulate and clutter up the bedroom. If you’re tight for hanging space, only hang that season’s clothing up - for example in the summer I only hang my summer wardrobe - anything suitable for winter (jackets, coats, long pants etc) get stored inside a couple of suitcases until it’s time to bring them out again (and then I store away summer clothing). Even if you have oodles of hanging space I find this helpful in locating clothing - you don’t want to be sifting through a dozen coats in the middle of summer when all you want is a t-shirt!

For fashionistas, an open wardrobe might be something of a consideration – I could see this piece above (from Curious Grace) in a beautiful dressing room. And only hanging and displaying your most beloved pieces (colour coordinated of course)! Jewellery and shoes also need a home – I’ve rounded up a few stylish storage pieces below.