Looking for the perfect office chair

Domayne’s Elsie office chair

Domayne’s Elsie office chair

When my partner brought home an ugly black mesh office chair – I rolled my eyes and said “don’t think for a second that monstrosity is staying!” Well about three years on, said office chair is still very much with us, and he’s finally seeing that it’s bringing down the whole vibe of our home (his office nook is in the living room).

So, with permission to replace it, I’ve now found myself on the hunt for the perfect office chair. And do you think it’s been easy? Nup, seems there’s not many companies out there producing stylish looking office chairs. And whilst I’d love for my partner to just use an upholstered dining chair instead of a traditional office chair, he’s insisting it must have wheels. Ugh. So here’s a roundup of my top contenders. 


At the top of my list is an upholstered office chair – something soft and comfortable as he also works from home with me, and is at his desk most of the day. This Elsie office chair from Domayne(pictured above) would be perfect in terms of colour (our sofa is also a soft beige) however the fact that it doesn’t have wheels probably means he’ll scrap it off the list. But it is pretty right?!

And to the right – West Elm’s Aluna office chair – another stylish option, which also comes in a teal colour (pictured below).

More upholstered beauties below. Numbers two and three are standouts, simply for their sexy brass legs. Something I rarely see when it comes to office chairs.


West Elm’s Slope leather office chair

West Elm’s Slope leather office chair

Whilst a leather office chair is probably not going to be a great fit for the style of my home, it’s definitely a popular option I thought I’d share with you. It can look great in more masculine spaces and with mid-century furniture, like the Slope office chair pictured above from West Elm. They’ve probably got the most amount of decent looking office chairs out of any Australian retail store and I highly recommend you hop on over to their website to take a look (click here).

Muuto’s Fiber chair (pictured opposite) in cognac silk leather and black base is another stunner in the leather category. This beauty is great for those not needing wheels but still wanting a swivel base.

Other worthy contenders (in real and faux leather) are listed below.


Whilst I’ve dubbed this category ‘white and grey’, it really could have been called Scandinavian. Clean, classic lines and a bright white freshness to each, these office chairs certainly tickle my fancy, and are anything but boring.

Pictured opposite is the Kuskoa Bi desk chair from Cafe Culture + Insitu. Available with fixed swivel base or castor wheels, it’s a stylish, versatile option that would fit seamlessly in a contemporary home office.

The above chair looks to be an Eames chair, and whilst this one pictured is from a store in Finland – replicas like this are a dime a dozen in online replica furniture stores.