Artist Profile: Kimmy Hogan

Artist Kimmy Hogan is back with a new range of prints – the ‘Foliage’ collection. We caught up with Kimmy, who shares with us, her gorgeous print designs.

Photography: Cricket  /  Styling: Anna Chisholm for Greenhouse Interiors  /  Styling assist: Joy Design Co

Tell us about your new ‘Foliage’ collection of prints.
My new ‘Foliage’ collection is once again a tribute to my love of plants and bottles. It’s somewhat an extension of my ‘Still Life’ range from last year but a bit more free flowing and less formal. There is a lot of sunlight in my new work which I hope people can see and feel when they look at them. There are a total of four new illustrations but I expect to keep adding to this range over the next year.

Is this your first range you’ve worked on since giving birth to your son late last year?
Yes it is! It’s been lovely being home with my baby and taking my time to work on this latest collection. I have more drawings in process at the moment too, which I plan to release in the coming months. Stay tuned!

Tell us about the process behind your prints.
All the pieces are digitally drawn – that means it’s still a ‘hand drawn’ process with every line and shape being created with the stroke of my hand, I’m just holding a mouse instead of a pencil! The process starts with me raiding the local florist and I really study each plant and take loads of photos. I draw from a photo rather than from real life as the drawings take such a long time to create (especially with two kids to look after). I like to capture the arrangement with the right lighting and aim for the best reflections on the bottles, so then I have the perfect capture to go by when creating the artwork over the following weeks and months. To create one collection I might experiment with about ten different drawings before honing in on a final collection.

Kimmy Hogan’s artwork can be purchased through Greenhouse Interiors (both retail and wholesale), various retail stores (for a list of stockists click here), and through Kimmy’s website: