Kimmy Hogan's new art is flourishing


Kimmy Hogan’s latest body of work tells the next part of her story as an artist - as she ventures further with experimentation and ‘letting go’ of perfection.

Styling NC Interiors for Greenhouse Interiors, assisted by Rebecca Lever and Jessica Retallack
Photography Cricket Studio


Kimmy’s love of florals continues with this new collection, while she explores more abstract shapes and compositions.

As a digital artist, her goal was to show evidence of human touch. Her drawings are created with ‘hand motion’ using the mouse, and the addition of “scribbles” and texture add a personal touch to her work.

Kimmy’s latest collection is a homage to florals - with feminine yet bold colours and textures that add a touch of the exotic. Rich terracotta, oranges and pinks contrast with soft creams, peaches and cool greens.

Some pieces can be mixed and matched while others are a statement on their own. Kimmy has let her drawings go wild and free; more loose and abstract than ever before. This collection has come from a place of pure joy.

Limited edition artworks available on paper or canvas and priced from $150.

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