Ivy Muse 'Playback'


Melbourne-based botanical wares studio IVY MUSE recently launched ‘Playback’, its latest collection of locally designed and made botanical wares.

Photographer Annette O’Brien / Styling Alana Langan


With a nod to the plant-filled decadence of the 70s ‘Playback’ includes eight brand new Melbourne-made botanical wares including plant hangers, plant sconces, ceramics, plant stands and accessories. With a focus on form and vibrant colour this collection offers plant lovers new ways to showcase their gang and reap the benefits of the life filled with plants.

The collection sees the release of two brand new wall planters; ‘Plant Sconce’ (Studded and Simple) and ‘Stevie Wall Hook’, designed for people who love the idea of hanging plants but not the idea of drilling into their ceiling. ‘Playback’ also includes ‘Floyd’ plant stand’, crafted from powder coated ribbon steel and ‘Stud Hanger’, which combines leather and steel to display hanging plants to great effect.

Complementing the offering is a brand new hand-crafted ‘Woven Hanger’, a collaboration with local leather craftswoman Kym Lightfoot. Available in Cloud and Ivory with tan leather.

IVY MUSE commissioned renowned Victorian potter Robert Gordon to produce an exclusive range of hand-made pots to complement the range. Slip-cast from stoneware and terracotta, each pot has been combined with unique glazes and are available in one size.

‘Playback’ also includes a brand new plant stand, ‘Chubby’, designed to pair with their ‘Chubby’ spun metal pots.

Rounding out the extensive collection is a brand new powder-coated steel plant stake ‘Dot’. Perfect for taming wild plants like monstera deliciosa and philodendrons, ‘‘Dot’ is available in a variety of colours.

‘Playback’ draws its inspiration from the decadence of the 70s when plants were the decoration of choice in a home. “Having both just moved into homes built in the 60s/70s we were enveloped in the era and felt that flow through into our designs for the collection” explains co-founder Alana Langan. “‘Playback’ is really about maximising greenery in your space; we wanted to inspire people to get creative with how they display their plants and make the most of greenifying their space”, adds co-founder Jacqui Vidal.