George & Willy

Let me introduce you to George & Willy. Two New Zealand lads, designing and making products that are simple, but timeless and functional too.

The idea for George and Willy’s popular Studio Roller (pictured above) was born after the pair stumbled upon an old roll of butcher’s paper, while rummaging through their Granddad’s boat shed. They created a simple wall bracket to hold and seamlessly dispense the paper, and it quickly became their main instrument for brainstorming ideas and making lists. After visitors to the workshop continued to request a roller for themselves, George and Willy developed the concept into a product for others.

Simple, functional and designed to last, the Studio Roller and petite Daily Roller (pictured opposite) exist to suit varying needs – whether it’s to write menus and specials, sketch plans or write notes, these products are an innovative way to display information in your home, office, or café. Designed to suit universal kraft rolls available at local packaging suppliers. 

Their other products are as equally charming - the Bang Bang pegboard, String & Washer envelopes, steel peg, round sign, Industrial clothing rack, and Draughtsman table are just a few highlights from their range (all pictured in this post). Thankfully all of their products can be shipped worldwide. Click here to shop their range.