Floral Prints to Adore

With Spring less than a month away, our minds have turned to spring-fresh florals. We’re seeing an abundance of floral prints and artworks being released lately – here’s a roundup of our favourites.

Florals are the hottest thing right now, in terms of art prints.

Forget the old nana-like flower tapestries of the 80s – today’s floral prints range from abstract beauties to detailed photography.

Artist Leah Bartholomew whose two new works are pictured above, has taken inspiration from the Sunshine Coast’s native flora. Her paintings have a collage-like feel – I just love the dreamy colours she uses too.

Digital artist Kimmy Hogan (whose work is pictured below and opposite), illustrates each of her print designs on computer – but even though she uses this medium, each shape is hand drawn with the mouse. I love the abstract nature of her designs – yet they’re still so recognisable as flower arrangements.

If photographic prints are more your style – you might like some of these. If I had a dollar for every time I got asked where this artwork (pictured above) was from, I’d be a rich woman. It’s called Garden Roses, and is a photograph by Anna Thomas (available here). It’s actually a rose dipped in liquid nitrogen and then captured shattering with a high speed camera. I love how delicate the petals look in this one – and the soft dusty pink is so pretty.

Other personal favourites include Ruthie by CS Photographic Art (pictured left) and The Perfect Match by Yorkelee Prints (pictured below). Can you tell my favourite colour is pink at the moment! Ha. Below I’ve rounded up 12 more gorgeous floral artworks in a variety of different styles and colours – happy shopping!