Finding the perfect bedhead

A mattress without a bedhead is a bit like an outfit with no shoes, sure it works in certain casual situations, but if you’re looking to add some sophistication to your bedroom’s personality a bedhead is a must. Here are our top five styles.

Words Loni Parker


Button up (ahem), I mean buckle up friends. This is by far the most popular type of bed head dominating the market at the moment, the good ol’ button upholstered bedhead. And for good reason. Its classic enduring style means it’s not going to date quickly. It’s a tried and true formula, and let’s not muck up our formulas. Pictured directly above is Heatherly Design Bedheads’ Alessio in aged leather. Sexy much? You can also choose from a whole range of other fabrics if leather doesn’t tickle your fancy. And at the very top of our blog post, another Heatherly Design Bedheads design – the very understated Harper. Technically there are no buttons, instead individual stitching detail which creates the same look.

Mexsii turned to various creative muses to create a new collection of bedheads. This one inspired by The Real Estate Stylists founders (sister team Sara and Amy Chamberlain), combines a delicate blend of feminine touches with moody masculine style. Click here to shop this Classic Contemporary bedhead.


Quilted cushions have catapulted into popularity lately, and it’s nice to see that bedheads are following suit. Nathan + Jac are offering the Freya (pictured above). Its delicate smoke grey colouring makes it ideal for the modern daydreamer. It’s a little bit contemporary, a little bit Scandi, and no doubt will appease the fussiest of decorators. Shop Freya by clicking here.


To strap or not to strap, that is the question Sheakespeare once asked. Okay okay, no he didn’t. But should one add straps to a bedhead? I think yes - why not! So who’s doing this strapping-good look well? I love Barnaby Lane’s latest collaboration with Heatherly Design Bedheads (pictured above). They’ve aptly named this dapper looking fellow Frederik, because just like Denmark’s Prince Frederik, it’s winning over Aussie ladies’ hearts (sorry I couldn’t help it, queue serious cringing at my bad dad joke). Made of light grey felt wool, and natural leather straps, this beauty is priced from $1250. Not bad really – I feel like this is in the mid-range price category when it comes to bedheads. Shop Frederik by clicking here.

Another fine specimen boasting straps, is the handsome Piper, (above) from Heatherly Design Bedheads. Pictured in the trench leather fabric option, the overall look is very sophisticated and priced at $1620 (for a queen size in this fabric option). Perfect for those die-hard Scandi-lovers out there. Don’t love leather? No problemo. You can choose from lots of other fabric options. Click here to shop Piper.


Most of their bedheads are available in a kaleidoscope of colours – making it an absolute breeze to inject some bubbly brights into your bedroom.

There’s nothing nana-ish or daggy about these cane bedheads from The Family Love Tree. In fact they’ve lovingly brought back a retro look to the bedroom that can translate well under a whole range of styles – not just coastal.

Our favourite styles from their range include the King Sunrise (pictured above in black), Petal (pictured in natural rattan opposite), and Palm Springs (pictured below). All of which are priced under $500.

Most of their bedheads are available in a kaleidoscope of colours – making it an absolute breeze to inject some bubbly brights into your bedroom. Click here to shop their range.


Last but certainly not least, this luxe panel upholstered style has me smitten. And then to go and team it with velvet, well that’s just genius right there. The look is elegant, yet so comfortable, thanks to the fabric choice. Incy Interiors Sybilla bedhead (pictured above) is currently on sale - you’ll pick up a king size bedhead for just $699 (down from $999). Folks, this is a fabulous price for such a dreamy bedhead. Don’t fancy pink (how dare you, lol!)? You’ll also find it in a deep navy and teal. Shop this bedhead by clicking here.

Who else is doing this style? Heatherly Design Bedheads have also got a similar style (pictured right and below). Long and lean, the Lincoln bedhead can be customised to sit wider than your actual bed, so you can sit your bedsides in front of it for the ultimate luxurious look, straight out of a 5-star boutique hotel. Shop Lincoln by clicking here.