Cushion addicts rejoice – we recently chatted to The Stables interior stylist Catherine Heraghty about her new range of delectable cushions.

Tell us the motivation behind your cushion range.
After being in the interiors industry for over ten years, the most common question I had from clients was where I had sourced those cushions from! Being a stylist, I had the skills to purchase cushions from a range of suppliers and combine them to create a look, and I know that is something my clients struggled with. The objective with this collection was to create a collection where customers can easily put a look together themselves. So many of my cushions work beautifully together so it is easy for clients to do it themselves. Customers can also jump onto my Instagram account and website to get a little inspiration on how they can recreate looks with my cushions.

When it comes to styling a bed, do you have a preference for a number/arrangement of cushions?
When styling a bed, I love to add three cushions to my bed. The best combination for any bed is two European pillows, four standard pillows and three cushions – it sounds like a lot but this is the key to a cosy bed. Add to this the layers of linen and throws and you can create the most luxurious looking bed.

Likewise on a sofa... Are there any design tips/rules that should be applied?
When putting together cushions for a sofa, I like to work with odd numbers as I don’t like it to feel too balanced and perfect. So for a standard two seater sofa for example, I might have two cushions on one side and one on the other. And then one on an armchair, this is generally enough – cushions look great but you need to leave room for sitting!