Beds with Hidden Storage

Whilst I love my bed, my biggest regret was not purchasing one with inbuilt storage underneath. Here are some great choices for those of you on the hunt for a bed with hidden storage.

If my budget were a little more robust, this Symphony storage bed from King Living (pictured above and right) would be at the very top of my wish list. The bedhead wraps around creating an incredibly cozy and lavish look. The timber frame hides a deep storage compartment – ideal for blankets, extra pillows, and seasonal items that get stored for half the year (like winter clothes). The one pictured was styled by Darren Palmer and I just adore everything pictured with it. If you feel like seeing more, click here to see the blog post with more pics.

Something a little more in my price range would be this elegant Eleanor gas lift bed (pictured below) from Brosa. I like the horizontal upholstered panelling on the bedhead and the fact that you can store items underneath with its easy-to-use gas lift function. They have lots of different styles of bedheads available which include storage bases, and plenty of colours to choose from too, so I’d recommend you take a look (by clicking here).

Another worthy contender – the Halo bed from Domayne (pictured above). Twin drawers fitted in the foot of the bed feature full extension drawer runners that allow you to discretely store pillows, cushions and blankets.

I have rounded up my top six styles with hidden storage. I’ve chosen classic styles and colours that won’t date... Enjoy!