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Sage x Clare’s new Soleil Collection has an international flavour, combining the romanticism of the Mediterranean with a mystique inspired by some of the world’s most exotic locations.

Photography Armelle Habib / Styling Julia Green and Noël Coughlan for Greenhouse Interiors, assisted by Sarah Walsh, Annie Bell, Jemma Bell and Alison Lewis.

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Stripes, stylized florals and flowing shapes feature throughout our collection, reminiscent of balmy European destinations, where beautiful beaches and charming villages create a laid-back holiday feel.

Style and sophistication are expressed here like nowhere else. The collection features braiding, sequins, beading, charms and gold pops, introducing a free-spirited bohemian feel that captures the essence of modern Moroccan design. These authentic, hand-crafted details are evocative of the artisanal wares found in the colourful medinas of Marrakech and its surrounds.

The addition of bold sunbursts and terrazzo patterns, as well as a cheeky nod to Picasso, continue the charismatic European and African influences found throughout the Soleil Collection.

The Soleil Collection is an ode to the beauty and charm of exotic destinations. We love its effortless summer vibes, its well travelled flavour and its laid-back holiday inspirations.

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The new collection was shot at Rae’s On Wategos, Byron Bay.

The new collection was shot at Rae’s On Wategos, Byron Bay.

Studio Elwood

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Studio Elwood have released an inspired range of affordable art prints that are sure to brighten your home’s walls.

Styling Bree Leech / Photography James Geer

adore_blog_Dark Arch + Crismon Red Arch Instiu Dining Rm.jpg

The limited-edition 2019 collections, created by Studio Elwood Creative Director and fine artist, Tory Burke, showcase the abstract minimalist style and thoughtful design approach which she is renowned for.

Tory says The Arch series was inspired by historical Roman architectural and ceremonial arches, seen in celebrations such as weddings to mark new beginnings. “Earthy and rich colour combinations and overlapping oil paints were employed to give a regal and strong representation of the arch; and a ‘golden mean’, a horizon, was used to provide the arch its foundation and spatial context,” Tory says.

“The original artworks were created on mounted Italian linen, which with its warm undertone, enhances the earthy neutral tones and allows for the execution of bold and definitive line work.”

adore_blog_Sienna Arch H Insitu Bar.jpg
adore_blogPink + Orange Flow Insitu Family Rm.jpg

The second series in the collection, The Flow, was inspired by moving water, minerals and other natural elements required to nourish Australian flora and fauna. “The dots and single brush strokes represent the pitter-patter of raindrops on forest foliage, and the running lines depict flowing water after a rainstorm,” Tory says.

Available in editions of just 50, each art print comes signed, numbered and is available framed or unframed. Studio Elwood’s The Arch and The Flow series are available in multiple sizes and range from $200-$825 (print only, framing additional).

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Pre-Order The New Family Edition

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We’re excited to announce that our new Family Edition is on its way to us from the printers, and available for pre-order now through the Adore online shop. Here’s a sneak peek look of what’s inside.

Photography  Annette O’Brien /  Styling  Alana Langan /  Interior design  Fiona Tucker

Photography Annette O’Brien / Styling Alana Langan / Interior design Fiona Tucker

Creating a family sanctuary that’s both stylish and practical is no mean feat. In the new spring edition of Adore, we tour four family homes that get the balance right. We also take a tour of four cool kids’ rooms – each with its own personality. Feeling peckish? This spring, we’re eating our way through the most delicious cafes and restaurants Manly has to offer.

Photography  Tanya Zouev /  Interior design  Anna Moore

Photography Tanya Zouev / Interior design Anna Moore

Photography  Annette O’Brien /  Styling  Alana Langan /  Interior design  Sarah Pickersgill-Brown

Photography Annette O’Brien / Styling Alana Langan / Interior design Sarah Pickersgill-Brown

Photography  Annette O’Brien /  Styling  Alana Langan /  Interior design  Fiona Tucker

Photography Annette O’Brien / Styling Alana Langan / Interior design Fiona Tucker

My Bathroom Reno Timeline + Budget


Renovating a bathroom is tricky – and with so many different trades involved it can very quickly add up! I explain my renovation timeline and budget.


I project managed the bathroom renovation myself. After getting three quotes from various builders I quickly discovered that it wasn’t financially feasible to hire a builder to organise all of the trades (one quoted me $20,000 for trades alone – with myself having to provide all of the materials) – yeh no thanks. Project managing isn’t for everyone though – it’s very time consuming and can be stressful juggling all of the trades (there are a lot). My recommendation would be to take some time off work and get about three quotes for each trade. I used an app called hipages which made it super easy to get quotes from a number of different tradespeople in my area.

“My top tip – go with the trades that are on board with your ideas and that are good communicators.”


Remember – sometimes it’s not always the cheapest quote that’s the best. Importantly you should be able to communicate well with that person and be on the same wavelength. For example, when we explained our vision of the bathroom to one builder, he had never heard of a barn door and thought it wouldn’t look good tiling all the way up to the ceiling – he thought cornicing was better because we had cornice throughout the house. He also thought we were nuts for wanting to brick in the window above the vanity and I had to explain to him that that’s where the mirror would go so we had to get rid of that window! He wasn’t on board with our vision. There was another trade – a plumber – who criticised the area we lived in and said you wouldn’t do anything that fancy in an area like this! He also was slow to get back to me when I wanted to lock him in. I trusted my gut instinct and got a different plumber in - someone with a more positive outlook and who was quicker in replying to me.

My top tip – go with the trades that are on board with your ideas and that are good communicators. For example our handyman Nigel, who did our demo (from Real Renovations) was a huge asset to us, not only was he hardworking, he also was really helpful in his advice on tradespeople to use, and the order in which each job needed to be done. Having someone there to hold our hand was hugely helpful. If you have friends or family that have recently renovated, also pick their brains over who they used – you can’t beat personal testimonials!

Below is our renovation timeline – yours might differ slightly depending on the scope of work.


Bathrooms are expensive rooms to renovate! As you can see from the list above, there’s so many different trades and jobs involved. If you’re doing a renovation similar to ours where you need to knock out walls, brick in windows etc, it can quickly add up. However I think with all of the improvements we’ve made, it’s really opened up the space and made it much more spacious and user-friendly (and dare I say, increased the value of the home too). If you’re looking to renovate your bathroom but have no idea how much it will all cost I thought I’d disclose how much it cost me (see below). I’ve itemised the cost of trades and materials (the materials could cost you less or more depending on the products you select). All up it cost over $17,000, which isn’t bad considering a builder could cost you $20,000 and that doesn’t include materials!

budget_bathroomS copy.jpg

Kimmy Hogan's new art is flourishing


Kimmy Hogan’s latest body of work tells the next part of her story as an artist - as she ventures further with experimentation and ‘letting go’ of perfection.

Styling NC Interiors for Greenhouse Interiors, assisted by Rebecca Lever and Jessica Retallack
Photography Cricket Studio


Kimmy’s love of florals continues with this new collection, while she explores more abstract shapes and compositions.

As a digital artist, her goal was to show evidence of human touch. Her drawings are created with ‘hand motion’ using the mouse, and the addition of “scribbles” and texture add a personal touch to her work.

Kimmy’s latest collection is a homage to florals - with feminine yet bold colours and textures that add a touch of the exotic. Rich terracotta, oranges and pinks contrast with soft creams, peaches and cool greens.

Some pieces can be mixed and matched while others are a statement on their own. Kimmy has let her drawings go wild and free; more loose and abstract than ever before. This collection has come from a place of pure joy.

Limited edition artworks available on paper or canvas and priced from $150.

Click here to shop Kimmy’s works of art.


Harpers x Byron Collection


Harpers Project recently shot their latest collection of furniture in Byron Bay. The resulting images are so dreamy and coastal-inspired and have us now longing for summer.

Shoot locations: Byron Beach Abodes


Harpers Project’s mantra has always been buy once, buy well. We love that sentiment and feel like every single piece in their new collection are forever-pieces that you could hand down to your children.

The new collection very much has a coastal-boho flavour – but would also equally sit well within a contemporary interior. The hand woven cane armchair is probably my favourite piece in the range (pictured above and below). I’m also eyeing off that timber sun lounge – all I need is a pool to go with it!

Love this new range as much as we do? Click here to shop.


My Bathroom Renovation Revealed


If you follow us on Instagram you’ll have probably already spied my bathroom reno journery on Instagram Stories and I’m so thrilled to be finally revealing all here on the blog!

Photography Mark Zeidler

When my partner and I purchased the house we quickly decided that the bathroom would be the first room to be renovated. The bathroom was an 80s hot mess! It was cramped and outdated and well, just plain gross. Waterproofing was non existent and the shower was constantly leaking water through to the bedroom next door which has started rotting the skirting and walls (not ideal)! The toilet was situated next door to the bathroom so we decided to knock down the wall in between the rooms, and remove the two linen cupboards which encroached into both spaces to give the bathroom much needed floor space. There is only one bathroom in the house, so it made sense to renovate it prior to moving in. We had two weeks to get it to a functioning stage, and we accomplished that goal with the bathroom being tiled, and the shower and toilet installed. It was another three weeks before we saw the shower glass panel, vanity, wall mixers and LED mirror installed, but my goodness was it worth the wait (its worth noting that if I organised the vanity sooner - which wasn’t possible in this case as we started renovating as soon as we got the keys, we would have finished the renovation in two weeks - just incase anyone wants to know if it’s possible - it very much is!).


So where do you start? First off it’s important to select all of the fixtures and finishes first. A custom made vanity can take about six weeks to make, so get that ordered first. Also if you’re going to replace your window, get that ordered ASAP so when the carpenter is in there he can do it at the same time as his other work. I learnt that lesson the hard way and ended up racing out to a window warehouse at the last minute, where they had standard size windows in stock (a lot of window companies don’t have them in stock – usually you need to order them in).


I opted for a Loughlin Furniture ‘Staples’ vanity, handcrafted from Tasmanian Oak. It is such a beautiful piece and really is the hero of the bathroom. It totally warms up the space and goes with that whole modern coastal feel I’m aiming for throughout the house. The ‘Eden’ round basin and storage compartments inside the vanity are also from Loughlin Furniture and they are so dreamy. The basin includes a white pop up waste – you have no idea how excited I was about this. It’s a smooth matte white finish just like the basin itself.


Next up the tiles – I selected the Redfern terrazzo look tile in white for the floor and the Albert Park tile for the feature wall (in full white gloss) from Tile Cloud and could not be happier with my selections. The feature tile looks more light grey in person (even though they are called full white) and they are each hand made - so no two tiles are the same. I love the subtle texture in them and they are probably the most-asked about product in my bathroom when I post it on my Instagram stories! What I love about Tile Cloud is that you can select 5 samples on their site for just $15 – they send them out to you and it makes the decision process a whole lot easier when you can look at the samples in your own home. The plain white gloss tiles on the other three walls were from National Tiles and just $9.95 per square metre. My top tip for those on a budget would be to do a cheap tile like this on most of the walls, and just select one wall to be the feature (usually this would be the wall with the vanity on it) and splash out on something a little more fancy or bold.


For the tapware I knew exactly what finish I wanted – brushed gold! Having had a Phoenix sink mixer in my last home I knew the quality was top notch and had to go Phoenix again in the new home. I love every single piece – the Vivid Twin Shower is probably my favourite though – it’s heavenly to go for a shower underneath that large showerhead, and I adore that curved detail on the shower arm. The matching Phoenix accessories like the towel rail and toilet roll holder also give the bathroom a touch of luxe. It honestly feels like I’m in a boutique hotel bathroom.


The LED mirror, shower glass panel and brass clips from Highgrove Bathrooms. A single glass panel has really elevated the space - it’s not a huge bathroom so I didn’t want the shower to feel closed in by having a door on it. I liked the idea of it being open. I chose a 1.2m long glass panel and it really delivers on limiting water splashes on the bathroom floor. The brass clips are one of my favourite little details in this room and at just $10 each they certainly are one the cheapest items in the space. The LED mirror has a discreet button on it and I love the soft glow it gives to the bathroom at night. It’s also available in two round sizes. The long shape of this one was perfect for my bathroom and helped to balance out the height of the window next to it. Highgrove Bathrooms have really affordably priced bathroom products so you should check them out if you’re renovating.


Last but certainly not least – it’s the beautiful plantation shutters from DIY Blinds. These really just finish the space off beautifully – it makes the room feel more finished and I’m in love with the smooth white finish. I’ll definitely include some of their plantation shutters in the rest of the house – the quality of them are just superb (and quite affordably priced)!

To say I’m thrilled with the bathroom renovation would be an understatement. I’m absolutely ecstatic with the final result and have to keep pinching myself that this is really my bathroom! It just feels so much bigger and lighter now!

I’ve had lots of questions on my Instagram stories about the budget for the bathroom and whether I got a builder in or project managed it myself. I’m going to do another blog post that goes into more detail about that as I know you all like to know those types of details, so stay tuned!




Phoenix Launch New Zimi Range

newZimi Lifestyle 1 RGB.jpg

Phoenix have launched their new ‘Zimi’ collection – featuring their largest finishes palette to date. It’s perfect for bathroom fashionistas.

Zimi Mood Board - Matte White handle.jpg
Zimi Mood Board - Cool Grey handle.jpg

Designed in Australia, Zimi is Phoenix’s most versatile collection, with 27 colour and finishing combinations available across a unique range of mixer taps, shower mixers and outlets. Zimi offers on-trend colour combinations, from the most in vogue colourings through to timeless classic pairings.

The handle colours available are Chrome, Brushed Nickel, Matte Black, Matte White, Cool Grey, Oatmeal, Blush Pink, Sage Green, and Powder Blue, while the fixture bases are finished in Chrome, Brushed Nickel and Matte Black.

Best of all, the handles are easily interchangeable with the bases without needing a plumber, allowing for flexibility and customisation at an affordable price point. We like the sound of that! Click here to check out the range.

Zimi Mood Board - Sage Green handle.jpg
Zimi Mood Board - Blush Pink handle.jpg
Zimi Mood Board - Oatmeal handle.jpg