Three Birds Renovations

Our Paradise edition features the amazing Sydney home that
Three Birds Renovations renovated as part of their new
renovating for profit business. I am in awe of these three hard-
working ladies, Bonnie Hindmarsh, Erin Cayless and Lana
Taylor (pictured below), who swapped their stilettos for
steelcaps, to build a new life for themselves. Each has their
own responsibilities in the renovation process to ensure each
reno runs as smoothly and as quickly as possible. The ladies
have recently launched their own YouTube channel in conjunction
with production company Lune Media, so you can keep up to
date with their projects and get great insider renovating tips and
advice along the way too. I've included episode 1 here for you
to watch - I'm already hooked! If you want more click here to
check out their other videos. I've included more pics from our shoot
that didn't end up getting published, I'll leave you all to swoon!

Photography: Hannah Blackmore  Styling: Claudia + Alice Stephenson


Colour Trend: Navy + Tan

Oh navy and tan, this timeless colour combo is a fave
of ours at the moment! Get the look with these finds!




Gallery Wall Inspiration

I'm thinking of shaking things up a bit in my home office
nook, by creating a gallery wall. I'm a bit of a hoarder,
ahem, I mean collector, of art and prints and my little
stash needs to find a home on my walls stat! So I'm on
the hunt for inspiration on how to put together a beautiful
looking gallery wall. Of course, I turned to the master of
the gallery wall – Emily Henderson. That woman has a serious
knack for turning mismatched artwork into a thing of beauty.
You'll see her work above as photographed by Daniel Hennessy
for Family Circle magazine. She has done a brilliant blog post
a while back with tips on how to create this wall (click here),
so be sure to check it out for even more tips and advice.

This little snippet of a gallery wall (above) created and
photographed by Jen Ramos from Made By Girl blog, is also
ticking all of the boxes for me. Gold frames - gotta love em!

And the Queen of gallery walls, Anna Spiro, has created
magic in her latest project for Halcyon House in Cabarita
Beach (see two pics above). I do love a bit of blue, and this
to me, feels like the perfect coastal holiday destination. All
of the rooms and spaces within Halcyon House are designed
like homes, not like the usual sterile hotel rooms you find in
big cities. I've got this place high on my list of places to visit!


Gypsy Boho Style

Add a little bit of gypsy/boho flavour to your home to
give a more worldly/well-travelled feel, with these finds!



Dining Room Inspiration

I've been on the hunt for dining room inspiration lately. You
see, last year I put a deposit on my first apartment (to own),
and now I'm fantasising about all of the endless decorating
possibilities out there! There's a lot, let me tell you, but my
heart lies with a Palm Springs/Hollywood Regency style home
and that's what I keep gravitating towards when I look for
inspiration online. First up, I looked to Jonathan Adler for
ideas (pictured directly above). Now that much of his range is
available in Australia (through Coco Republic), it's really opened
my eyes (and my wallet) to what I can acheive. I also love
the colour palette of turquoise, yellow, white and brass accents.

Photography & interior decoration: Sarah M Dorsey Designs

Photography & interior decoration: Sarah M Dorsey Designs

Up next, is this dining room designed and styled by Sarah M
Dorsey Designs
(the 2 pics directly above). As you can see, it's
a similar colour palette to the first image. When you find yourself
gravitating towards certain colours - it's a sign to trust your gut
and go with the colour palettes you're drawn to on a continual
basis. I've just gone out and purchased a number of Chippendale
style chairs (pretty much identical to these, except without the
arm rests), and I plan to upholster with a plain coloured fabric (still
deciding on exactly what - need to get some fabric swatches in).

This is the Jonathan Adler buffet I want (above) for my dining
room - however I fear it might be out of my budget. Something
similar in white would work just as well, I just have to keep my
eyes peeled for more affordable options. Below I have put
together a moodboard of what items I have, and combined with
the homewares I want! So far, I like where the look is headed.

The items in the top half of the moodboard are items I don't
own but like the look of, or want something similar. The buffet,
lamp, vase and ceramic gazelle are all from Jonathan Adler.
And that gorgeous Slim Aarons print can be purchased through
Surface View. In terms of what I already own, the dining chairs
are from European Design (in Brisbane), and the Greg Natale
design rug is from Designer Rugs. My dining table can be found at
any replica furniture store - the one pictured is from Click On Furniture.


Walter G Textiles

Let me introduce you to Walter G, a textiles label run by
Genevieve Fennel and Lauren Bennett – two best friends
with a love for travel. When Lauren travelled to India to do
an internship as part of her degree, and Gen visitited several
times, they completely fell in love with the place – and the
idea that they could start a textile company was born. They
promptly moved to India for six months and immersed
themselves in learning everything that they could about indigo
and block printing techniques – living in tiny and remote villages.

Upon returning to Australia, sadly both of their grandfathers
Walter and George passed at a similar time. Walter G is named
in their honour – and the business was officially launched at
Life Instyle in 2012. They describe their brand as lived-in,
imperfect, relaxed and artisanal. All designs are their own,
developed hands-on with their Indian contacts and completely
hand-blocked. What they are not is mass-produced or trend driven.

You'll find Walter G's range of cushions, fabrics, wallpapers
and linens available online by clicking here. Their fabric range
was also recently picked up by high-end textile distributors Ascraft
– very impressive considering the Walter G duo are both under 30!

Photography: Nikki To & Justin Alexander


Colour Trend: Coral, pink + blue


Artist: Kimmy Hogan

Let me introduce you to Kimmy Hogan (the artist whose
'confetti' print was featured on our Annual edition back cover).
Kimmy has a couple of new collections of prints - the 'Flat Lay'
series (priced from $125 unframed) and the 'Still Life' range
(priced from $35 unframed). Kimmy on her new collection:
"I've always been mesmerised by traditional oil paintings and
my latest two ranges are very much inspired by this technique
which I've reinvented in a digital way. I spent months working
on digital sketches and honed in on a way to give them this
fluid, abstract 'painterly' look I was chasing. While it is digital
it’s still a very 'hand drawn' process and I use my own set of
digital brushes I've created," explains Kimmy.

The 'Flat Lay' range pays homage to Kimmy's love for
beautiful objects and trinkets splayed out in magazines.
The 'Still Life' range follows the same loose illustrative
style and showcases Kimmy's love of bottles and plants.
Click here to shop the full collection of prints.