Wanderlust: Casa Cook Rhodes

Needing an escape on this beautiful Friday? Let me introduce you to Casa Cook, an ultra cool resort that blends urban and beach effortlessly.

Words Loni Parker

So lately, I’ve been seeing a lot of people reposting images from luxury resort – Casa Cook, Rhodes. First off, I was like where’s Rhodes? I had no clue, so I googled it and turns out its the name of both a city and an island in Greece. Obviously I should have taken geography in school.

Next I had to check out Casa Cook’s website for a little looky, and oh my goodness, this place is insane! It’s pared-back luxury at its finest. A little bit boho, a little bit coastal, with a good dose of contemporary thrown into the mix – and voila – it’s a recipe for success. Some of the rooms even have private verandas complete with sunbeds adjoining the resort’s pool so essentially you can swim up to your room (see picture below). Umm, where do I book in? Sign me up!

This wording on their website perfectly sums it up: Created for trend-conscious travellers, the 90-room adults-only Casa Cook Rhodes has an atmosphere that’s a blend of urban and beach, the style and attitude is its very own.


There’s not a lot of travel destinations that get me as excited as Palm Springs (I know, I know, enough already about Palm Springs my friends say), but let me tell you this, Rhodes has me seriously tempted. The desert-like landscape is quite similar (as you can see above) but with the added bonus of being by the sea. You can check out more of this amazing resort by clicking here.


Finding the perfect bedhead

A mattress without a bedhead is a bit like an outfit with no shoes, sure it works in certain casual situations, but if you’re looking to add some sophistication to your bedroom’s personality a bedhead is a must. Here are our top five styles.

Words Loni Parker


Button up (ahem), I mean buckle up friends. This is by far the most popular type of bed head dominating the market at the moment, the good ol’ button upholstered bedhead. And for good reason. Its classic enduring style means it’s not going to date quickly. It’s a tried and true formula, and let’s not muck up our formulas. Pictured directly above is Heatherly Design Bedheads’ Alessio in aged leather. Sexy much? You can also choose from a whole range of other fabrics if leather doesn’t tickle your fancy. And at the very top of our blog post, another Heatherly Design Bedheads design – the very understated Harper. Technically there are no buttons, instead individual stitching detail which creates the same look.

Mexsii turned to various creative muses to create a new collection of bedheads. This one inspired by The Real Estate Stylists founders (sister team Sara and Amy Chamberlain), combines a delicate blend of feminine touches with moody masculine style. Click here to shop this Classic Contemporary bedhead.


Quilted cushions have catapulted into popularity lately, and it’s nice to see that bedheads are following suit. Nathan + Jac are offering the Freya (pictured above). Its delicate smoke grey colouring makes it ideal for the modern daydreamer. It’s a little bit contemporary, a little bit Scandi, and no doubt will appease the fussiest of decorators. Shop Freya by clicking here.


To strap or not to strap, that is the question Sheakespeare once asked. Okay okay, no he didn’t. But should one add straps to a bedhead? I think yes - why not! So who’s doing this strapping-good look well? I love Barnaby Lane’s latest collaboration with Heatherly Design Bedheads (pictured above). They’ve aptly named this dapper looking fellow Frederik, because just like Denmark’s Prince Frederik, it’s winning over Aussie ladies’ hearts (sorry I couldn’t help it, queue serious cringing at my bad dad joke). Made of light grey felt wool, and natural leather straps, this beauty is priced from $1250. Not bad really – I feel like this is in the mid-range price category when it comes to bedheads. Shop Frederik by clicking here.

Another fine specimen boasting straps, is the handsome Piper, (above) from Heatherly Design Bedheads. Pictured in the trench leather fabric option, the overall look is very sophisticated and priced at $1620 (for a queen size in this fabric option). Perfect for those die-hard Scandi-lovers out there. Don’t love leather? No problemo. You can choose from lots of other fabric options. Click here to shop Piper.


Most of their bedheads are available in a kaleidoscope of colours – making it an absolute breeze to inject some bubbly brights into your bedroom.

There’s nothing nana-ish or daggy about these cane bedheads from The Family Love Tree. In fact they’ve lovingly brought back a retro look to the bedroom that can translate well under a whole range of styles – not just coastal.

Our favourite styles from their range include the King Sunrise (pictured above in black), Petal (pictured in natural rattan opposite), and Palm Springs (pictured below). All of which are priced under $500.

Most of their bedheads are available in a kaleidoscope of colours – making it an absolute breeze to inject some bubbly brights into your bedroom. Click here to shop their range.


Last but certainly not least, this luxe panel upholstered style has me smitten. And then to go and team it with velvet, well that’s just genius right there. The look is elegant, yet so comfortable, thanks to the fabric choice. Incy Interiors Sybilla bedhead (pictured above) is currently on sale - you’ll pick up a king size bedhead for just $699 (down from $999). Folks, this is a fabulous price for such a dreamy bedhead. Don’t fancy pink (how dare you, lol!)? You’ll also find it in a deep navy and teal. Shop this bedhead by clicking here.

Who else is doing this style? Heatherly Design Bedheads have also got a similar style (pictured right and below). Long and lean, the Lincoln bedhead can be customised to sit wider than your actual bed, so you can sit your bedsides in front of it for the ultimate luxurious look, straight out of a 5-star boutique hotel. Shop Lincoln by clicking here.

Byron Bay Hanging Chairs

There is just something about the iconic hanging chair that evokes instant relaxation. And it was love of the classic chair design that prompted Leanne Dunnings to start Byron Bay Hanging Chairs in 2014.

Photography: + Styling: Villa Styling  /  Words: Jacqui Greig

With her personal style a study in casual elegance, Leanne wants the furniture in her home to tell a story; “Hanging chairs have a feel-good nostalgia to them that I just love,” she explains. “I think we all need to slow down and enjoy the little things in life. A swing in a hanging chair can make you feel like a kid again for just a few seconds.”

Working with a family of skilled weavers in Java, Indonesia, Leanne designs a collection of chairs made from hand-foraged, sustainable rattan that results in completely unique pieces - no two are exactly alike, and some pieces take up to five days to make. 

This image courtesy of Byron Beach Abodes  /  Photography: Jessie & Jones

This image courtesy of Byron Beach Abodes  /  Photography: Jessie & Jones

“Rattan furniture can add a genuine warmth to your home and, if cherished and looked after, can last a life time,” says Leanne. Although flexible and easy to bend, rattan is strong enough to be used structurally. Plus, it is extremely environmentally friendly; it doesn’t require fertilizers or pesticides, and re-grows at such a fast rate that it encourages preservation of forests and their wildlife.

The hanging chair is a versatile piece of furniture that works well in many situations, from an accent chair in the living room, to a reading nook in a playroom, or an escape on an undercover verandah.

“They are almost like a piece of art in your home. I have a few anchor points in my home and depending on the season and how I'm feeling I do move them around through the house,” says Leanne.  

“Rattan furniture can add a genuine warmth to your home and, if cherished and looked after, can last a life time.”

This image courtesy of Alanna Smit Designs

This image courtesy of Alanna Smit Designs

Byron Bay Hanging Chairs has grown to include handpicked products that Leanne has fallen in love with, including bar carts, chairs, loungers and day beds. In fact, many of the designs sell on preorder before they arrive.

And while you’re waiting for a favourite design to be re-stocked, you’ll be delighted to see some exciting new releases, including two new days beds, and a gorgeous baby bassinet – a guaranteed heirloom piece. Shop the collection by clicking here.

Urban Road's New Element Range

Let me introduce you to Urban Road’s newest Spring/Summer 2016 collection titled ‘Element’. From tropical, to abstract, to striking photography – there’s an abundance of exciting themes that look beautiful in any home.

Urban Road were inspired by the urban landscape, as seen in this moodboard of theirs pictured above. I love the muted tones, cityscapes and architectural detailed close-ups that feature throughout the new Element collection. It’s very diverse overall, however there are consistent colour palettes that make it easy to mix and match and come up with a gallery wall that feels effortless and collected over time.

Urban Road’s tropical moodboard pictured above served as the inspiration for many of this new season’s artworks. I’ve selected my top three finds (further below) with a distinct coastal feel. Think swaying palm trees, deep emerald ocean waters and surreal abstracts that evoke the feel and colours of the sea. Be prepared to be transported to paradise – even if it is just on your walls! 

The photographic prints are exceptionally good, and reasonably priced. I love that you have the choice of having your artwork either framed as a print, or box framed around a stretched canvas.

Bring on Summer with Basil Bangs

With summer right around the corner, we’re longing for balmy nights spent with family and friends, burnt sausages straight off the BBQ and holidays by the sea. Our go to accessory for this summer? A colourful Basil Bangs beach umbrella of course!

I have to say, the new summer collection from Basil Bangs is absolutely sensational. It’s hard to pick favourite designs, but this Botanica print (above) designed by Louise Jones for Basil Bangs is super lush. There’s both a rain and beach umbrella available in this design, along with a cushion and love rug. Can I please have one of each?! The new campaign images seriously make me want to take a mini vacation, with the weather warming up quickly, I think it might be the perfect time to take one of these new beach umbrellas for a test drive. Kick-start your summer a little early this year, and get shopping by clicking here.

Current Crush: Subway Tiles

Subway tiles are one of those enduring classics – whether they’re laid in a traditional brick-style or herringbone pattern, there’s no denying their beauty.

I love a good herringbone pattern, pair it with a long and lean subway tile, and black grout, and you’ve got instant chic. A perfect example of this, is fashion stylist Kristin Rawson’s neutral kitchen (as featured in Adore Home’s Annual edition). After living in the home for a few years, Kristin decided to make a few changes to her kitchen including a new tiled splashback, natural wooden floating shelves and copper pedant lights from Dunlin. The combination of all three give this space a luxe, yet personalised feel– the open shelving allows Kristin to display the things she loves, along with giving easy access to the things she uses on a regular basis.

“The water candle by Tom Dixon smells so wonderful. I light it every evening when making dinner. When using all the items on the shelf I restyle them around just for fun,” comments Kristin.

If you prefer your subway tile laid in a brick-style pattern, there’s certainly no shortage of inspiration out there. Studio McGee in the U.S are also big fans – you’ll find subway tiles in a number of their design projects including this stunning modern mountain home pictured below (you simply must check out the full home tour by clicking here - it is amazing)!

Studio McGee kitchen Photography: Travis J Photography

Studio McGee kitchen Photography: Travis J Photography

In the new Sweet Dreams edition of Adore, we took a tour of Sharon Sunderland’s Perth family abode (pictured below), with a distinct Australian/Scandi style. Subway tiles laid in a brick pattern with the addition of black grout create a classic yet graphic look in her dreamy kitchen. It also provides the perfect backdrop for all of her designer kitchen accessories.

Sharon Sunderland's kitchen Photography and styling: Tarina Lyell

Sharon Sunderland's kitchen Photography and styling: Tarina Lyell

I love what Amber Lewis (of Amber Interiors) has done with these black subway tiles – laying them vertically and in super sexy black . It’s masculine, sophisticated and a bit more daring than laying them horizontally. It works in a space like this where you can tile all the way up to the ceiling.

Amber Interiors' images Photography: Tessa Neustadt

Amber Interiors' images Photography: Tessa Neustadt

Another interior by Amber Interiors, (pictured below) this time laying long black tiles horizontally and stacked directly above each other. I think if it were just white it might have looked a bit boring in this configuration, but in black, it’s genius.

Cantilever Interiors introduces WANDA

Cantilever Interiors are best known for their beautiful custom-made kitchens and joinery for some of Australia’s most respected architects and developers. Now, Cantilever are proud to introduce their first range of cabinetry systems –  the flexible Wanda Shelving System.

Photography: Mike Baker  /  Styling: Heather Nette King  /  Words: Loni Parker

Adore_Home_blog_Cantilever Interiors_Wanda Shelving System_Utility_Photography by Mike Baker & Styling by Heather Nette King_19.jpg

The Wanda Shelving Systems is a series of adaptable, multipurpose designs that accommodate even the trickiest storage needs that modern life presents. Melbourne-based Cantilever Interiors is renowned for its design and manufacture of beautiful, functional and sustainable kitchens and cabinetry and Wanda is the latest inspiring example. Manufactured in Cantilever’s Brunswick workshop from high-quality sustainable materials sourced within Australia, the Wanda Shelving Systems are flexible in configuration, colour and use.

Inspired by playful designs of mid-century modern, Wanda’s timeless form and contemporary palette is perfect for all sorts of applications – from kid’s rooms to home offices. They are available in three product styles – Wanda Library, Studio and Utility (pictured opposite). Their unique configurations suit various storage requirements.

The variety of colours for the shelf and backing board means each product style is suited to a variety of environments, aesthetics and functions.

Want to know more about Wanda and the various configurations available? Shop the range, and get all of the pricing details by clicking here.

Finding the perfect armchair

This image and image below: Photography: Hannah Blackmore  /  Styling: Claudia Stephenson  /  Interior: The Designory

This image and image below: Photography: Hannah Blackmore  /  Styling: Claudia Stephenson  /  Interior: The Designory

Finding the right armchair can be tricky, so we’ve rounded up a few of our favourite designs in a whole range of styles.


For me, an elegant chair choice is determined by both its shape, and texture. Velvet is always my go-to material for a little bit of modern day luxury. My all-time favourite chair has to be the Croisette velvet armchair from Bastille and Sons (pictured in the two images above), in this luscious petrol blue colour. In fact, I love it so much I’ve pre-ordered one for my own living room! It comes in so many great colours and also a cotton version with a white frame, for a more casual look. I love this chair so much I’ve also included it in pink further down.

Another elegant option is this Jonathan Adler Maxime lounge chair (pictured left) from Coco Republic. The sumptuous shearling upholstery teamed with its sleek brass frame makes it a fab choice for a glamorous boudoir or living room.


There is something unmistakably sophisticated about leather. Normally though it’s not a material I would choose for my home – perhaps it’s a little too much on the masculine side of things. However these contemporary chairs have totally changed my mind. In particular, I’m loving The Stanley armchair (pictured directly above and right) from Urban Couture.

Designed with a black steel metal frame and Italian tan leather, Urban Couture have given this chair an industrial yet modern twist. And the back of it – super sexy, am I right?! Priced at $2495 it is a little pricey, although to be fair, most leather armchairs are because of the material. Consider this an investment piece – a chair that will last the test of time.


When it comes to the colour blush pink, you really can’t go wrong. Combine it with golden brass accents, and well, it’s fair to say that I go completely weak at the knees. There seems to be an abundance of pink and gold armchairs at the moment, and with good reason – it’s a feminine look that looks equally good in a bedroom or living room.

The Roar + Rabbit Swivel chair in dusty pink, (pictured above) from West Elm is currently on the top of my favourites list, thanks to its pleating, super soft velvet and swiveling gold legs. I could imagine this chair in a super sweet nursery too. Oh the possibilities are endless with this one.


There’s no denying that Scandinavian-style’s popularity is currently at an all time high in Australia, thanks to its enduring minimal clean lines, and soft monochromatic colour palette. I personally love to see this style infused with pops of pastel colours to give it some life. For this reason I’ve thrown in some lovely pastel coloured armchairs below, all of which have distinct Scandi style. Harpers Project’s Scandinavian armchair pictured above comes in light grey or white and is currently on sale – bonus!

The Tamarama armchair from Urban Couture, pictured left, is another great choice for Scandi homes. I can definitely see this contemporary style of chair working in a coastal style home too. Its removable slip cover also means you can wash it and keep the white cover looking nice and clean.