Lumas Melbourne


 For so long art galleries tended to offer high-priced, one-off works 
of art that were out of many people's financial reach. Nowadays we're
spoilt for choice with affordably priced art in abundance online. Lumas 
provides both - a carefully curated collection of art in their physical 
galleries across the globe (including their newly opened Melbourne 
space), and an online store for added convenience. They've got a huge 
range of high-profile artists' work including our favourites Bernhard Lang, 
Damien Hirst and Jody MacDonald. I've added a few of my favourite pieces 
below but there's so much more to explore on their website. I also like 
the fact that you can purchase unframed (just the print) or they can take 
care of framing for you. Shop the range in person at 597 Church St,
Richmond, Melbourne or online by clicking here: www.lumas.com.au

Heibe Luft, balloons © Julia Christie 

Rajan IV © Jody MacDonald

Adria VI © Bernhard Lang

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United Artworks + Alisa & Lysandra

As an avid watcher of the TV show The Block, I had to say I
was pretty excited when I found out previous winners, twins
Alisa and Lysandra, had joined forces with United Artworks to
create their own exclusive collection of art. This isn't the first
time the two parties have paired up; Alisa and Lysandra have
styled a number of bespoke properties with United Artworks' art,
along with other design projects as seen on past episodes of
The Block. Designed and produced in Australia, this range of
contemporary artworks is representative of the twins' styling
and reflects current interior trends and colour forecasts.

Alisa and Lysandra have described the collection as being
moody, raw and very ethereal. Their top tip for selecting art
for your home? Use your existing colour palette as a guide to
selecting a piece that will create colour continuity. You can
shop the entire gorgeous range of art prints by clicking here.

Photography: Paul Philipson

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Cobalt Blue, Pink & Copper

1 LIGHT  /  2 ART  /  3 COPPER POT  /  4 CHAIR
5 CUSHION  /  6 CLOCK  /  7 TABLE  /  8 BOWL


The Beach Collection prints

Photographed by Sydney photographer Jacqui Turk,
The Beach collection pays tribute to Sydney's beautiful
beach culture. When Jacqui photographed Briar Stanley
in Manly for a travel story we did in a previous issue of
Adore, I thought to myself, "hey these images of the beach
look pretty nice – they'd be perfect for my place." And well
that's when the little light bulb went off in my brain (it has a
tendency to do that about 20 times per day, what can I say
I inherited the 'ideas' gene from my dad haha).

Manly Surfers available in A4 and A3 size

Into The Deep available in A4, A3 and A2 size

Bondi Sunbathers available in A4, A3 and A2 size

Bondi Icebergs available in A4, A3 and A2 size

 If I loved these photos, I thought surely others would too,
so decided to team up with Jacqui and bring you a carefully
curated collection of beach photography in a variety of sizes.
These exquisite giclee prints come unframed, and in a variety
of sizes and are exclusive to the Adore Home online shop.
Click here to shop the range now.


My Home Office Makeover

I tend to get bored pretty quickly around here, especially with
the look of my work space. I mean, I have to sit in here pretty
much all day (and some nights), so it has to look nice and be a
place of inspiration. I got fixated on the idea of doing a gallery wall
of art behind the desk a few months ago, so have been collecting
prints and art that I like (trust me it didn't take long to get a
decent collection together - there's so much great work out there).

The overall look is a lot more monochromatic with soft pinks
to help soften the look. Now I've got nothing against brighter
colours, in fact my previous look was just that (click here to see
past blog post
). I just needed something that suited the current
colour palette in my bedroom which is a lot softer. Having one half
of the bedroom soft and serene, and the other half loud and bright
kind of looked like the room had bi-polar, like it couldn't decide
what style it was. I needed to add some calm and I'm happy with
the result (it looks better in real life - I apologise for my amateur
photography skills, the room is quite dark and the horrid greige
colour on the walls tends to look a gross 'khaki' colour without any
serious photoshopping and brightening!

What's on my desk? Well I try to keep it clutter-free and display
my current fave products including our Adore 2016 Daily Planner
(which I can't wait to use by the way – bring on 2016!), and a
rose gold kate spade new york stapler (we stock this, the letter
tray and tape dispenser in this same range, in our online store).
Keeping me organised this year, is my kikki.K weekly planner
deskpad which is great for jotting down to-do's for the week. It
helps to see them all at a glance. Next year, when I start using
my Adore Daily Planner, I'll most likely continue to use both
simultaneously – as the planner gives you way more room to
write down your entire daily agenda (which sometimes a weekly
planner just can't deliver on, because there's not enough space.


Adore Oct/Nov 2015 issue out now!


It's here! Our Oct/Nov 2015 online issue is out now - and it
just so happens to be our fifth birthday today as well. Happy
birthday Adore - you've come so far since our very first issue.
There's so much to love in this issue including our front
cover home belonging to Melanie Duzel-Zammit. If you're a
lover of bright contemporary homes, you're going to absolutely
adore this Melbourne abode (my favourite room would have
to be her dining room pictured below). Photographed by the
very talented Martina Gemmola and styled by Jessica Frazer.

If it's living room inspiration you're after, we've got three
amazing spaces you'll be lusting after. This space below,
designed by Nicole Rosenberg from Little Liberty, completely
blew me away. The soft pinks and greys are just utter heaven,
and don't even get me started on that photographic print by
Brooke Holm (I'll need to be saving my pennies for that one).
I think you'll be very happy to hear that this entire home will
actually be featured in our next printed edition out in December. 
Photographed by Hannah Blackmore and styled by Aimee Tarulli

 Pictured interior designer Nicole Rosenberg from Little Liberty

For some spring-time plant inspiration you must check out
our interview with stylist Alana Langan, one-half of Ivy Muse.
Their Melbourne showroom (pictured above and photographed
by Annette O'Brien) is to die-for, and it makes me want to fill
my home with lush greenery. Check it all out by clicking here.


Mint, Jade & Grey


Caitlyn Jenner's Malibu home

Ok so let me start this blog post off, by first declaring that
I don't normally post celebrities' homes on here, however
my mild obsession with all things Kardashian-related, pushed
me over the line with this one. I first spotted Caitlyn Jenner's
newly renovated Malibu home on the latest episdoe of 'I Am
Cait' and was blown away by its prettiness and softness. I
am a bit of a sucker for a moroccan rug – so her living room
had me at 'hello'. Designed by interior designer Lori Margolis
and photographed exclusively for Architectural Digest by Rick
Steil, here's a little sneak peek of Caitlyn's gorgeous home.
Check out the full tour by clicking here, and our 'get the look
for less' product compilation at the bottom of this blog post.

Want Caitlyn's luxe look without the big dollars?
Get the look with these budget-friendly finds.