White Beach Shack

Bonnie Hindmarsh, one third of the best-friend, busy-mum trio, Three Birds Renovations, is the first to admit she is blessed and despite the chaos of managing three boys and a baby, has transformed their family beach shack into an enviable holiday haven.

Photography: Jacqui Turk  /  Interior: Bonnie Hindmarsh  /  Words: Pip Miller

Bonnie and her husband Nathan, had owned their Pearl Beach home on the Central Coast of NSW for about six years before the urge to renovate became too great and Bonnie commenced the transition from past to present and what is now considered a true slice of heaven.

With or without Bonnie’s creativity and knack for renovation, the Hindmarsh’s weekend getaway is truly special in its location alone. Bonnie describes Pearl Beach as a “gorgeous little beachside suburb with a short stroll to the beach surrounded by rainforest.”

According to Bonnie they didn’t embark on a full-scale ‘reno’ in one fell swoop but undertook the journey in stages – their first step was to repaint the whole house in Taubman’s ‘Snow Drop’ for crisp, clean appeal, rip up the carpet to expose original timber floors which they subsequently whitewashed for a new lease of life, and make the yard more kid-friendly.

“We then added a section of decking as well as transforming an old garage into self-contained guest accommodation, and lastly, put in the much needed new kitchen. We basically ripped out the old kitchen and put in a new one with our signature gas strut window and servery out to the barbecue for easy entertaining.” 

Other notable changes that added to the now impressive facade and easy-on-the-eye street appeal, included pulling out the old aluminium sliders and replacing them with French timber doors. 

“We continued the timber decking around the side of the house which connected it to our outdoor entertaining area where guests love to hang. I also put in another bi-fold window that looks out to the front yard where many a cricket match has been played,” she said.

On a practical note, Bonnie says that changes had to be well considered and be sure to suit the busy comings and goings of their family and needs of holiday tenants seeking the ultimate enjoyment of a coastal getaway.

“We continued the timber decking around the side of the house which connected it to our outdoor entertaining area where guests love to hang.”

“For instance, when we built the decking we made sure it had big wide steps that people could use – almost like stadium seating. Kind of like its own arena where we could all chill with an arvo drink while watching the kids play whatever was the sport du jour’.”

Of the whitewashed timber floors, Bonnie says it’s amazing just how durable and easy they are.

“They don’t show any of the gallons of sand that gets dragged through the place whereas anything darker would show everything.”

For the Hindmarsh family dynamic, Bonnie says their beach house is an integral part of keeping the balance just right. 

“It is our favourite place in the world.  It is just one-hour, door to door, but a million miles away. It has a relaxed energy that forces you to slow down. You can sit on the deck and stare at the palm trees or watch the kids play in the front yard. It is not delicate or precious, it is fun, lighthearted and easy to maintain.”